The Newtown Cultural Precinct, also known as the cultural centre of Johannesburg, has been a venue where people make their voices heard through progressive art forms like theatre, music, dance and poetry. The famous landmarks of Newtown Cultural Precinct have witnessed various significant historical events. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous landmarks of this multicultural enclave.

Museum Africa

The Museum Africa is situated in, what once used to be the main vegetable and fruit market of the city. This museum isn’t just a place where archaeological items, artefacts, musical instruments, photographs, and paintings are showcased. It is also one of the major landmarks of the city as it has witnessed the most significant phases of Johannesburg’s history. Museum Africa, through its displays, reflects the political, social, economic and geographical history of South Africa. The museum hosts several permanent exhibits, including ‘Tried for Treason’ which covers the 4-year trial of the 156 people including Nelson Mandela, who had opposed to the Apartheid. A highly interesting exhibit is ‘Gandhi’s Johannesburg’, which displays the different landmarks in the city associated with Mahatma Gandhi.

Market Theatre

Johannesburg’s Market Theatre, like Museum Africa, was built in 1913, on the site of the erstwhile Indian Fruit Market. The theatre had started as a means to challenge the Apartheid era and largely managed to transform the culture of the entire city. For the past thirty years, the Market Theatre still serves as a platform to the people who want to make themselves heard, through different art-forms like drama, dance, music and associated arts. The engaging performances on the theatrical platform have kept the charm of the place intact among audiences. The challenging, entertaining and engaging themes make Market Theatre, a place of innovative and revolutionary thinking.

The SAB World of Beer

The SAB World of Beer, officially inaugurated by Nelson Mandela in 1995 has also seen some colourful history. The place marked South Africa’s success as a democracy and SAB’s mastery in the art of brewing beer. It was one of the first steps towards the creation what is now known as, the Newtown Cultural Precinct. Nelson Mandela, during the inauguration delivered an unforgettable speech on the SAB World of Beer. At present, the SAB World of Beer offers tours here. Joining these tours is a lovely way to learn about the rich history and craft of beer making. One of the most interesting highlights of the place is beer tasting, wherein visitors are treated to the taste of SAB’s five power brands and also an international beer brand.

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