Singapore is home to copious choices for nature lovers. And Night Safari tour is one of the most popular expeditions that hordes of visitors opt for! Check out A to Z info about the tour before buying tickets to this amazing tourist lure.


Singapore is a popular destination among holidaymakers contemplating a vacation in the Far East. Nightlife at tourist destinations usually evokes thoughts of myriad pubs and clubs, bars and restaurants, music and dance; however Singapore offers a highly popular Night Safari tour as one of its most irresistible night entertainment draws. Nature lovers arriving on long-haul flights for holidays in the Lion City often have the tour on their itineraries. Even those weary travellers with long connections at Singapore for onward flights to farther eastward destinations can avail this thrilling tour which is absolutely rejuvenating.  Some of the tours only last from less than an hour. Let’s check out, what choices and surprises are stored here for the visitors.

Tram Safari

Adventure enthusiasts availing this trip can hop on the Tram Safari to witness kaleidoscopic flora and fauna life at this most popular nightspot of Singapore. Animate your senses with the resonating sounds of the jungle – intense sound of raging waters, fritinancy of insects and unpredictable calls of nocturnal animals are sure to give flights to your imagination. With a knowledgeable guide aboard the tram, the exciting tour lasts for only forty minutes, which makes it a good entertainment choice for those with connecting flights.

Walking Trails

The idea to explore the wilderness of Singapore on foot after long hours of flights appeals to many!  Take up one of the walking trail expeditions. On a fishing cat trail you will witness diverse species of cats; watch them skilfully fishing in water, as well as spot many other native breeds of animals. Leopard Trail highly appeals to all with a chance to see the secretive Sri Lankan Leopards in their naturally designed forested enclosures. The Wallaby Trail is one of the must-do activities. Here tourists can see the exclusive collection of Australian Outback creatures from a close proximity.


Most wildlife lovers taking flights to Singapore expect only tours and trails in the wild. But tickets to watch the fascinating animals at the popular ‘Creatures of the Night Show’ here is a great way to explore the wild. In this twenty minute show, one gets an opportunity to witness creatures like binturong, otter, civet, African Serval (wild cat) etc displaying their natural abilities. You will also see a Spotted Hyena and get surely amazed with the power of its jaws! Besides, Thumbuakar, the fire show, fires up the imagination of adventurers with pyro-warriors’ awe-inspiring ‘fiery’ demonstrations clubbed with cultural dance performances. With so much thrill and excitement, you are more likely to save your show tickets as souvenirs more than your flights tickets or any other memento.


Gourmet Safari Express and Cocktail Safari Express are two unique dining experiences that travellers simply love; especially the epicureans visiting here. Savouring some of the best quality wines and cocktails and the authentic flavour of Singaporean cuisine aboard a moving tram amidst the amiable animal stars will beat your dining experience anywhere else; your international flights included! Choose between two of these experiences with the former being a proper five course meal experience and the latter one being the lighter version.


Located near the Singapore Zoo, this place is easily accessible by various modes of transport from the city as well as the airport. Flyers disembarking flights at Changi airport can hire taxi or buy bus tickets to reach here. A taxi ride from Changi Airport terminal 1 and 2 takes about 46 minutes.

Tickets and Tips

  • Tickets can be bought online or across the counter. Those buying tickets online can save five percent on the cost.
  • Tickets bought for the tram ride entitle only a single tram ride.
  • Night Safari opens on all days of the year from 07:30 pm to 12 midnight.
  • Last ticket can be purchased at 11:15 pm.
  • The tropical climate here is very unpredictable. Rainfall occurs suddenly. Hence, visitors are advised to carry umbrella or raincoat while visiting here.
  • Travellers contemplating a tour here should carry insect repellents.
  • Apart from the tram ride, Walking Tours are also very popular among sightseers. Hence, it is advisable to reach early to explore most of the attractions.
  • Differently-able travellers and aged people landing on flights at Singapore and purchasing tickets to watch the nocturnal creatures, can avail rides on wheelchairs without spending money.
  • Wear comfortable footwear as the Walking Trail tour will be mostly covered on foot. Make sure not to share food with animals.

Those planning to visit the place between connecting flights must ensure they satisfy visa requirements. It is advisable to factor in the minimum connection time between flights to avoid missing out on onward flights.

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