Oman is a happy hunting ground for scuba divers. The country, and specifically Muscat, offers a large variety of diving destinations that encourage people from across the world to book tickets on flights and land here.

Oman is an undeniable tourist hub that greets thousands of foreign travellers each year. The country is known for its incredible wealth of cultural and historical icons and is considered a very hospitable holiday destination. The coastal nation is further known for facilitating wide-ranging adventure and recreational activities for thrill seekers boarding flights to its capital. Among the large jamboree of different fun activities, scuba diving is one that has generated most interest among tourists in Oman. The region’s brilliant marine life and several marine cliffs, tiny islands, bays and caves contribute towards the popularity of scuba diving in the country. The coral reefs are truly spectacular and are likely to impress even the most hardened and cynical soul!

Most travel experts believe that the best time for diving in Oman is the period from April to July. Having said that, tourists can board flights to the country anytime of the year and they are likely to be left enthralled by the region’s diving conditions. Take a look at top destinations for diving in the nation. Many of them are concentrated in and around the Muscat region.

Al Fahal Island

Al Fahal Island, close to the country capital Muscat, is not a very large islet but the place is hugely popular among keen divers who have invested on air tickets and wish to get the maximum returns out of it. Once a part of the sea floor, it now boasts a wonderful specimen of Oman’s diverse fish and coral species. It is a protected nature reserve and permits are required to scuba dive here.

Bandar Khayran Reserve

Bandar Khayran Reserve, again, is close to Muscat and can be accessed by a boat journey of around half hour from the Bandar Al Rawdha Marina. The journey itself is an enriching experience as most times it is the dolphins which will accompany the boats, swimming alongside them! Divers are bound to rejoice as the place flaunts a collection of more than 20 sites, each with its own set of charm to tempt the keen divers. The waters are rich with a wide variety of fish and other organisms. Further, holiday makers, who have much more than just dive sites on their minds, can check out the pretty little houses and mountains that overlook the waters.

Dhofar Beaches

To ensure that money invested on flights tickets to Oman is well done tourists must visit the Dhofar beaches. Several beautiful beaches make up the geography of Dhofar Governorate, some of them are: Al Maghsayl, Raysut and Al Hafah. Beaches are known for their scenic charm and sand clarity. Lagoons like Sawli and Al Baleed are flooded with flamingos, offering an incredible sight to guests. Adventurers will note that roads to these beaches are well maintained, and other tourist-centric services are also abundantly available.

Al-Dimaniyat Islands Nature Reserve

Holiday makers and diver enthusiasts must include a visit to the Al-Dimaniyat Islands Nature Reserve for truly living it up in Muscat after spending for tickets on flights to Oman. Several islets make up this reserve that’s known for its wonderful blue waters and white velvety sands. A natural bounty, like no other, greets vacationers here at the Al-Dimaniyat Islands. While the coral reefs entice divers to put on their suits, the presence of sea turtles and a variety of birds pushes animal lovers to seek air tickets to the Omani capital, time and again! Moreover, the islets are known as camping sites for people.

Duqm Beach

Duqm Beach is yet another address for vacationers to try out their diving skills. The seaside is known for its exceptionally clean sands and incredible emerald waters, pictures of which tempt many from all across the world to start rummaging around for cheap tickets on flights to the destination!  Duqm is located few kilometres from Wilayat AlDuqm in Al Wasta Governorate.

Isole Al Hillaniyat

Providing yet another incentive for tourists to book tickets and board flights departing for Oman, Isole Al Hillaniyat contains 5 different islands, i.e. Bird Island, Al Qibliyah, AsSawda, Al Hasikiyah, and Al Hallaniyah. The area features few ancient sites that are sure to lure history lovers boarding the country bound flights. The topographical features of the islands are further bewitching. Moreover, tourists who have been prudent enough to buy tickets to Muscat and visit these venues can check out a number of turtles and birds.

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