Kathmandu holidays are an ultimate hit amongst vacationers making reservation on air tickets for flights to Nepal. The city offers an amazing set of tours that allow the visitors to explore its mores in some unique manners.


Scores of holidaymakers who book air tickets aboard flights to Kathmandu for a perfect holidaying experience prefer choosing its many tours that promise to immerse the visitors in nooks and crannies of the capital. These popular excursions are even an awesome way to bask in city’s old and new charm and unravel the numerous hidden marvellous wonders. At every twist and turn travellers are sure to encounter rich culture, colourful local bazaars, hidden temples and most importantly friendly people who are ever ready to help the tourists. Take one of the many tours and explore the incredible Kathmandu just like a local. Here’s a quick check at some of the most popular trips the city offers that are sure to set the holidaymakers on a mad quest to grab flights tickets to Kathmandu.

Kathmandu by Bike

One of the best ways to visit the many famous attractions of Kathmandu in a very economical yet adventurous manner is riding a bike and head off for a wonderful journey. The excursion allows the riders to enjoy some off-road mountain biking action that is surely worth the cost of air tickets on flights arriving in the capital. Setting off on a sophisticated mountain bike, the trip starts from downtown Kathmandu thus reaching the outskirts of Cho Bar hill. The entire region here is set on interesting folklore that involves the creation of beautiful Kathmandu valley. Moreover, the rugged biking trail poses an interesting challenge heading to Kirtipur an ancient town. The travellers may take a break by treating their appetites at an authentic local eatery serving ethnic cuisine and later bike back to the metropolis.

Spiritual Nepal

This renowned tour is a perfect bet for hordes of travellers grabbing cheap tickets on flights for Kathmandu to plunge in city’s sacred side. The excursion allows the visitors to cover most spiritual bases in the capital and be a part of the enormous rituals performed there. One may learn about Buddhism from a local monk, meet well known Hindu holy men or look into the future with a prominent astrologer as this spiritual city has something for everyone. Best way to kick start the journey is from Pashupatinath; one of the holiest temples for Hindus. The guides here take the visitors on a spiritual journey as they provide an insight into the Hindu religion. Further, visit some of the many cremations along the banks of Bagmati River and interact with some dreadlocked Sadhus. Carry forward your journey to reach Buddhist Stupa and follow the pilgrims revolving around the Stupa spinning the prayer wheels and return as a well transformed person.

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