Sitting cozily by the Arabian Sea, India’s Kerala is known to inspire wonder in even the most cynical of souls. The varied topography of the region is evident in its huge hills, deep valleys, silver beaches, turquoise waters and verdant vegetation.

Reasons galore that make holidays to Kerala destinations

Reasons Galore that Make Holidays to Kerala Popular

Often called God’s own country, Kerala sure is a land of exemplary beauty. While here, you will never cease to marvel at the variety of colours that Mother Nature has packed into this little package. Here await majestic hills, gorgeous valleys, spectacular beaches, emerald water bodies, verdant forests, glitzy festivities, an anthology of historical monuments and a range of unique art forms – all making Kerala a miracle, and worth every penny that tourists spend on the India flights to Kerala!

Kerala Attractions

Tea Estates – Located in the Western Ghats of India, the tea estates of Kerala might not have been the beauty they are now if they were shorn off the natural adornments surrounding them which include winding mountain roads; mysterious forest trails, tumbling waterfalls and huge spice plantations. Truly, this site has the making of a fantasy and draws countless nature enthusiasts on flights from far and wide.

Kerela Attractions

Beaches – With an almost 370 miles long coastline along the Arabian Sea well dotted with palm trees, the beach area of Kerala is a rare treat with a unique aura that can not be found elsewhere on the planet. Explore here the well known but nonetheless beautiful beaches of Kovalam and Varkala down south and then turn north for further sea shores, virgin and unexplored!

Backwaters – The winding network of 40 rivers, that form a huge circuit of inland water bodies through a 400 mile stretch in Kerala, tops the itineraries of most tourists booking flights tickets to this state. Navigated atop a houseboat, these backwaters present the human eye with a most mesmerizing scene, replete with greenery, wildlife village settlements, old churches and historic temples!

Wildlife – Kerala’s natural reserves and forests provide a safe sanctuary to our wild and avian friends, many of whom are enlisted today in the endangered category. Be it the Periyar National Park, Eravikulam National Park, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary or the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, all contribute to this state’s green topography and proffer a satiating experience to those who book air tickets to India seeking rewarding natural pursuits.

When to Visit Kerala

The beauty of Kerala is independent of the season prevailing over it, for the region experiences mild and soothing weather conditions almost throughout the year. However, the best time to visit this place is when the scenic vistas are at their best which is said to be during winters. Winters normally start from October and last till March and attract tourists in droves on flights bound for India landing in this paradisiacal destination. The temperature at this time is mildly cold with almost no rainfall; thus presenting an ideal atmospheric condition for energetic adventure acts.

Being the peak season, travellers booking tickets aboard flights to the destination may find huge crowds all through the state as well as bloated air tickets and accommodation costs. If you are planning a visit to anywhere in India during peak time, be advised to book your tickets on flights, and accommodation well in advance.

The second season during which you can visit this state is summer. It starts from March and lasts till May and the temperature at this time is between 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. It is a good time to visit the state but not the best; however prices of tickets on flights and hotel bookings are much cheaper now as compared to winters.

Kerala is the first to witness the onset of monsoon in India and experiences a huge amount of rainfall. The region is pristine clean with a hint of moisture in the air and there is crisp greenery all around. Despite this not being a season favoured by tourists at large, Kerala’s beauty in this season is still commendable. Also because of the lesser demand, it is the ideal time for availing cheap tickets on flights to this state. Accommodations are priced lower too, at this time of the year.

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