Magnificent Buddhist Wats, beautiful parks and thriving nightlife make Bangkok an amazing mix of diverse things. Whether it is a peace lover or a ‘dancing the night away’ type, one will never find a shortage of activities after booking flights’ tickets bound for Bangkok.


Over the years, Bangkok has gained a prominent place in the world of tourism and tickets to the destination are sold like hot cakes. People who are booking flights’ tickets to Bangkok are sure to be amazed with the kind of diversity this place has to offer. People plan holidays to experience the world class restaurants and extravagant nightclubs. The city has an incredible nightlife. Party lovers are guaranteed to have that hyper adrenaline rush here. On the other hand, for peace lovers and those who like to watch pleasantly quiet and serene places; the exquisite statues of Buddha are few of the best attractions which are worth every penny spent on booking tickets aboard flights to Bangkok. From the outstanding architecture to the amazing detail of the Wats, the temples are breathtakingly mesmerizing. Though Bangkok holds many attractions in its cape but there are few which are sure to give the photographer in you, a treat. Here is a quick peek into five most beautiful places in Bangkok.

Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn
Named after the god of Dawn ‘Arun’, Wat Arun (means Temple of Dawn) is a famous Buddhist Temple and a must visit when in Bangkok. With its amazing ancient architecture and the serenity, Wat Arun is a great temple to click some of the best pictures. The spire of this temple is 70 metres high which creates a beautiful outline in the sky’s backdrop. Admire the pattern of flowers carved in the porcelain while the tranquillity of this place soothes your mind. Best time to see the temple would undoubtedly be at night when it lights up like a castle. People who wish to visit this place when its less crowded, early morning is the best time. Adding more charm to the place, Chao Phraya River nestles in the nearby area and offers several scenic views to travellers who are boarding flights.

Grand Palace
A fascinating complex of buildings, Grand Palace is one of the most popular attractions in Thailand for which people grab hold of tickets for the flights to the city. The palace is a great sample of the detailed Thai Architecture. The palace has a special division for the Wats. All the temples are glorious and among them Wat Phra Kaew is most popular. The Emerald Buddha is a must watch. While it is very easily accessible, there are few things to heed to when in the palace. It follows a dress code and people who wish to take a tour to the temple should be modestly dressed.

Wat Pho
Wat Pho is one of the must visit temples in Thailand and offers a lot of stunning views to its visitors. A magnificent statue of Buddha which is over 46 metres long and covered with golden leaf is surely the biggest attraction of the temple but there is more, this temple holds the largest number of Buddha statues in Thailand. One can visit the Place any day between eight ‘o’ clock in the morning to five in the evening. Surely, a must visit for everyone investing on air tickets, flights, hotels, etc.

Floating Market
Not a place with quiet surroundings and totally different from all the attractions mentioned above, Floating market makes the list because of its distinct quality. Locals and tourists who board flights to get to Bangkok keep this venue crowded. Vegetables and fruit sellers can be seen bargaining with customers. What makes the big difference is a guided boat tour, it gives you the hassle free ride to the area and the chances are high that you will find some of the most stunning moments to capture in your camera.

Rama IX Park
Rama IX Park takes pride in being the largest green area of Bangkok, situated in the outskirts of city. The park is inspired by the gardens from all around the world. There is also a beautiful botanic garden that has rich plant life. To add more beauty to the park, there is a large lake that gives a pleasant view. Despite having so much to see in this park, there is no entrance tickets/fees for this venue and it is absolutely free.

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