Those enjoying their cheap holidays in Australia this week may have seen actor Russell Crowe racing a journalist across Sydney.

Travellers currently on their cheap holidays in Sydney may have witnessed a spectacular event taking place this week – Hollywood actor Russell Crowe pedalling furiously through Sydney on his bicycle.

According to reports, the star saw comments made by Sydney Daily Telegraph journalist Annette Sharp claiming that he skipped an exercise session for a cigarette and a taco and responded by challenging her to a bike race to prove his fitness.

So, last week, Crowe and Ms Sharp met face-to-face for a 12-mile bike ride across Sydney, which the mother-of-three lost and was subsequently made to eat her own words.

However, according to the writer, Crowe acted like a “perfect gentleman”, especially when he helped her following a fall.

“When you make a living throwing stones, you expect that one day someone is going to lob one back. This was that day,” she said.

Russell Crowe has starred in several films that saw him dramatically change his appearance, including epic Gladiator and boxing movie Cinderella Man.

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