New York, USA is full of surprises which can be best realized while visiting city’s bizarre museums. This article sheds light on some fascinating repositories that can leave visitors gloating over their decision of booking tickets on flights to this city.


Known as much for its captivating landscape as for its cultural extravaganza, New York makes for a complete holiday destination. From architectural brilliance of Statue of Liberty to glitz and glamour of Times Square and from scintillation of Central Park to magnificence of Empire State Building; tourists who spend on tickets aboard flights for New York holidays are no doubt left spellbound by city’s diverse persona. Besides, this metropolis in the USA is known for its iconic museums holding all things novel and bizarre. With a strange sampling of what New York has to offer, these wonderful repositories tempt insatiably curious people to spend on flights and holiday deals for the city. Here is a rundown on some famous museums in NYC that are built around peculiar subjects.

Museum of Math: If you think mathematics is all about puzzling sums and troubling theorems, head to the Museum of Math in Manhattan and reveal the real wonders of this illumining subject. Displays include odd gismos, enlightening patterns and structures and plenty of other exhibits that can leave one shaking with somewhat flummoxing laughter. Exploring different aspects of mathematics, tourists, especially family-travellers, in this newly established depository get a unique experience, which is both fun and educational and hence is well worth the cost of entry tickets and other holiday expenses.

Museum of Sex: This one is for adults who are eager to learn about the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality in the USA. It has a massive Ralph Whittington Collection which includes videos, magazines, books and artefacts depicting pornography and associated aspects. Offering an engaging experience to the visitors, the museum is open to all, both locals and international tourists. Exhibition schedules change quite frequently. Keen tourists who are boarding flights for New York holidays should pay a visit to its official website for updated info.

Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge: You may have heard of a floating market. But how about a floating museum! The wonderful city of New York has a museum built on a watercraft. Open only during select hours, this barrage-based museum aims to promote preservation of maritime heritage and tells the significance of water highways for commerce, carrying commuters and recreation. Founded in 1985, this excellent repository is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn and allures a large number of international tourists who spend on flights tickets for holidays in New York, USA. Tourists in group can make a prior appointment to discover unique essence of this place.

Staten Island Museum: This is a great place to explore about the history, culture and people of Staten Island. So where is the wackiness? Head to the section of Natural Science Collection and your eyes will be stuck on around 500,000 insect specimens including cicadas, beetles and butterflies. Look a little further and you will be awed by 100 preserved fish specimens. Besides, this place displays varied species of frogs, turtles, snakes and crocodilians that once called the island their home. It offers a mesmeric experience to nature-lovers and allows them to make most of the money spent on air tickets aboard flights to sojourn this lively metropolis in the USA.

City Reliquary: The primary purpose of this tiny museum in Brooklyn is to preserve and present age-old items describing major happenings in New York. For those interested in antiques, plenty of rotating exhibits and old-fashioned collections are here that will surely add a surprising element to New York vacation and will leave all gloating over their decision of making tickets reservation on flights arriving in the NYC. One can see the exquisite postcards of the Statue of Liberty and the actual samples of paint chips, trinkets as well as several other outlandish odes to this glorious city of the USA.

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