Could booking with low-cost airlines be just as expensive as traditional carriers once all of the non-inclusive costs are added up?

Booking flights with low-cost airlines is a false economy in many ways and could result in more stress and money being spent unnecessarily, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Fred Mawer examines the extra charges that he says can result in the prices of so-called low-cost flights spiralling out of control.

Whereas travelling with traditional airlines does not incur extra baggage fees, Ryanair, points out Mr Mawer, charges a minimum of £20 extra to check in a bag, while easyJet asks for £8 for priority boarding, as seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Paying for your flight online with a debit or credit card also incurs extra costs, he adds, with a £10 per person charge added by easyJet.

“Add-on fees mean the ‘budget’ airlines are often as expensive as the major airlines on European routes,” he states.

Pondering ideas to curb costs at Ryanair, the company’s chief executive Michael O’Leary said he has considered offering cheaper standing tickets and charging for toilet use in the past.

Written by Anthony Nicholson

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