New York is a remarkable city known for its exhilarating and pulsating nightlife. Read below to know about the most famous and visited night clubs of the city that lure millions and millions of travellers to book flights to New York.

When the sun goes down and birds return to their nests, New York gets transformed into an exciting party ground where not committing the seven deadly sins is considered to be a sin in itself. The city is an amazing holiday destinations that offers most pulsating nightlife attractions that thrill the mind and soul of the travellers with an eternal pleasure. The various night clubs in the city offer the best of party arrangements and make even a decent person turn indecorous.

The city brims with endless number of clubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants that are known for throwing fabulous parties. The intoxicating drinks, dazzling music and amazing crowds at the night clubs in New York are too good to be true and offer a memorable time to the party buffs.

Read below to know about the top popular night clubs that lure millions and millions of party freaks to book flights to New York every year.

Copacabana night club

The sights of dancing heads, energized people and multihued illuminations are quite common at the Copacabana night club of New York. With accommodation for up to 4,000 people, Copacabana night club entices millions of party animals booking flights to USA seeking a place to chill out and party hard. The interiors of the Copacabana night club are impressive and help in arousing a fabulous party feel in the heart of the visitors. Moreover, the variety of music played at the Copacabana night club such as salsa, Latin and hip hop double the excitement level of the party animals and thus act as cherry on the cake. For novice dancers, the club features free dance lessons from 6-8 where the visitors may learn some great dancing skills among the most jovial and friendly crowds.

 Caprice night club

Counted among the top night clubs, Caprice night club wins the admiration of every traveller booking cheap flights to New York. The Caprice night club was initially a movie theatre, which was later transformed into a thrilling 10,000 square foot night club. The bar has been divided into two fabulous levels. The first level features an extensive backlit bar, a grand open dance floor, a raised DJ stand and the newest constructed private VIP lounges. Whereas the second level boasts its own large bar, comfortable seating areas, and offers perfect views of the dance floor. An evening at the Caprice night club starts with electrifying music including plenty of R & B and top 40 hits and ends with live performances that take the bliss of the visitors to another level.

Buffalo Club

The Buffalo Club of New York offers an incredible clubbing experience to the travellers booking air tickets to USA. With pleasant music, live performances, lip-smacking cuisines, intoxicating drinks and stimulating ambience, the Buffalo Club has won a great status and is counted among the New York’s best night clubs. Buffalo Club is also an ideal ground for celebrating various private affairs such as engagements, birthday bashes, etc and offers amazing services and facilities that add glittering stars to the fun of the visitors. The club is a sophisticated and a pleasant option to spend a fabulous evening at New York.


Located between Ninth Avenue and Washington Street, Cielo is a trendy dance club in New York that features excellent music and superlative ambience to celebrate and have endless fun. The club is a highly popular among mid-twenties to mid-thirties masses and lures millions of travellers booking cheap flights to USA. The weekend parties of Cielo are completely mind blowing and astonishing and host the performances of best DJs playing exciting and hottest beats. Though Cielo club seems fantastic on the weekends, but it is advisable to visit the club at weekdays to avoid being crushed among the dancing crowd. An evening spent in Cielo is as exciting as experiencing a rollercoaster ride.

Club Shelter

Opened and run by DJs and zealous music veterans, Club Shelter is best night clubs in New York and stays illuminated and dazzled from dusk till dawn. Situated in the Garment District, the main goal of the Club Shelter is to entertain the audience with best and most thrilling music that they may remember forever. The owners of the Club Shelter put all their passion and heart in organising various events and DJ performances and find some of the excellent local and international DJs to pump the party ambience at the club. When all other clubs in New York puts their hands down, Club Shelter offers the most exhilarating and fascinating parties and festivities that entice the heart of every traveller booking USA flights. With such amazing attractions, Club Shelter justifies being called as a dazzling place to rock and roll.

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