Anyone taking a flight to USA should definitely make it a point to visit Las Vegas. Besides the ‘Strip’ area’s gambling scene, the city has many other charmers as well. Read on for some of the biggest attractions from this world famous destination.

The Sin City of Las Vegas with its ‘Strip’ area is one of the major lures for travellers catching flights to USA. In fact, Las Vegas is one of the busiest hubs of tourism in the country and many of the airlines serving USA, offer cheap connections to the destination. This famous city offers endless attractions to visitors.

The Aquarium at Silverton

The massive aquarium of the Silverton Hotel holds some 117,000 gallons of saltwater filled with exotic species of marine life including mermaids. The mermaids are actually some of the women employees of the hotel who dress up as mermaids and join the other denizens of the sea in this aquarium. This aquarium has even been the site of a magic show by Criss Angel and an in-water wedding. Along with the dozens of other attractions in the city, the aquarium plays no mean role in boosting tourism to Las Vegas. Any traveller who takes aflight to USA for visiting Las Vegas should definitely try to make some time for visiting the Aquarium at Silverton.

Caesar’s Palace Fountain Shows

The astounding ‘Fall of the Atlantis’ fountain show is the most dazzling highlight here. Visitors get to watch a larger than life version of the story of King Atlas and the destruction of Atlantis by the gods. The show is all the more magnified with exciting visual displays on surrounding monitors. Animatronics is finely used to create the beasts and other characters. This is not all. There is also an enormous saltwater aquarium behind the fountain. This aquarium is home to over a hundred ocean life specie. Visitors should check out the Festival Fountain show as well. This is another animatronics show and features a dialogue amongst Apollo, Bacchus, Venus, and Pluto, along with a laser light show. The show is definitely worth more the expense of taking a cheap flight to USA with some budget airline.

Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Fountains is like a simulation of that crazy experiment when some 500 Mentos mints were dropped into nearly 200 litres of Diet Coke and there was a gigantic explosion with the coke shooting up high into the air. At Bellagio Fountains, the water shoots up to a height of nearly 460 feet. The immense lake here measures some 8.5 acres and is worth about $40-million. The Bellagio Fountains has featured in numerous films and television shows. This mesmerising visual display is accompanied by unforgettable musical themes such as ‘One Singular Sensation’ and ‘Con Te Partiro’. Thousands of visitors, who board a cheap flight to USA year after year, make it a point to check out Bellagio Fountains if they travel to Las Vegas.

Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is one of the most rewarding experiences of buying a ticket on flights to Las Vegas. The Viva Vision canopy and light show is the biggest part of this mad frenzy of dazzling lights, huge crowds, and crazy visual and sound effects. Towering to a height of nearly 90 feet over the ground, this canopy spans a humongous area that can fit in some fiver football fields. With a sound system of about 555,000-watts and 12 million LED modules, this light show is a spectacle to behold. Colour combinations numbering about 16.7 million can be displayed here. The shows featured here are fantastic and boast legendary names like Ophelia’s Dream, Bad to the Bone, Don McLean’s American Pie, A Tribute to the Queen, and KISS over Vegas. Besides the Viva Vision canopy, the Fremont Street packs in many other delights such as special events like Race Jam and the annual Downtown Hoedown during NFR and Las Vegas Bike Fest. The Fremont Street also offers ample scope for souvenir hunting.

Show in the Sky

The ‘Show in the Sky’ at the Rio is like the live flesh and blood version of some electrifying music video. There is a world of dancing and music including Latin and burlesque numbers. Guests who buy tickets at the box office also get to join the dancers in the float. Famous hits are part of the performances and include names like Buttons, Sexy Back, Naughty Girl, Uno Dos Tres, PleaseDon’t Stop the Music, Vogue, and Work It. Visiting the show is pretty cheap as no fee is charged from spectators. The choreographer brother duo of Kevin and Marcel has worked with some of the most world famous celebrities like Beyoncé, Lenny Kravitz, and Madonna.

MGM Grand Lion Habitat

Visitors are separated from these majestic beasts just by glass. Watching the lions indulge in fun and frolic and their daily routine makes for some great times especially for families who travel to Las Vegas with kids. Informational placards reveal interesting facts about these felines. At times, special presentations are held and visitors can watch trainers playing with the lions and also hand feeding them.

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