Las Vegas or Los Angeles! Tourists who are hard pressed for time and are not able to incorporate both these glittering holiday destination in their itinerary after booking flights to USA face the dilemma of choosing the best one. It isn’t easy!

The gaudiness of Las Vegas or the glitterati of Los Angeles! It indeed is a tricky situation when it boils down to choosing between the two of the planet’s most popular cities. Both these USA cities have created a niche for themselves in the world of travel and tourism, and saying that most of the travellers who book flights to USA are tempted to do so just because of these both wouldn’t be too blasphemous!

Las Vegas – Sin City

If entertainment was asked to choose an abode, it would most definitely be Las Vegas! An utterly cosmopolitan conurbation, this giant of a tourist destination stands in the middle of the desert like a miraculous mirage, spreading its wings of delight to attract and impress the visiting rovers. A virtual torrent of vacatioeners find its way to this splendid American city every year. Bursting at its seams with attractions and lures of all sorts, Las Vegas blinds with its glowing mass of neon lights and resonates with melodic sounds of rolling dices and jostling chips. But Las Vegas is more than just casinos and glamour, there is more to it.

Fountains at the Bellagio

Taking in the utterly delightful display of water and sound is one of the ‘must engage in’ activities after booking air tickets on flights to Las Vegas. The unbelievable choreography of water, light and music transports one to the serene land of bliss and fantasy! Complementing heavily with your cheap flights to Las Vegas, this free display of more than 1,000 fountains is heart warming enticement that just cannot be missed on your tour.

Gondola Rides at the Venetian

Perhaps the most ‘non-Las Vegas’ kind of fun, Gondola Rides is the perfect retreat from all the hoopla and hullabaloo that this city seems to be drenched in! Dreamy gondola rides are the perfect option for couples who wish to create romance on the water.

Madame Tussaud's Las Vegas Wax MuseumMadame Tussaud’s Las Vegas Wax Museum

Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Madonna…! No, it is not yet over to Los Angeles, we are still very much in the Sin City! The incredibly astonishing Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas Wax Museum is surely a fine place to catch the celebrities. The museum features wax figures of tons of celebrities, which to be frank, are creepingly life like!

Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

Nothing ‘waxy’ about this one! Lion Habitat at MGM Grand houses real lions and seems to add an all together different angle to the Las Vegas holidays! Spectacular is the most frequently uttered word by the visitors as they walk above, around, below, and through a glass-enclosed habitat to witness the majesty of lions!

Los Angeles – City of Angels

Los Angeles is just the right kind of opponent for Las Vegas. Perhaps any other city in the world would have disintegrated against the sheer glamour and glitz of Las Vegas but the City of Angels, Los Angeles not only stands firm but some would say it even stands taller!

Los Angeles is a city of dreams, fashion and show business, where tourists are inundated with a wealth of options when it comes to entertainment. Be it food, hotels or the sightseeing attractions – Los Angeles truly is in a class of its own. No wonder, millions of tourists book cheap flights to Los Angeles each and every year!

Griffith Observatory

Why look for stars when you can learn about galaxies! Griffith Observatory is a sort of icon when it comes to attractions in Los Angeles. Easily one of the most popular tourist spots in California, the Observatory is a repository of scintillating exhibits.

Arts and Culture

Arts and CultureFor the first timers it might be a bit hard to digest that Los Angeles flaunts a thriving art and culture scene. Indeed, Los Angeles has a shimmering cultural side that is very apparent in its food, fashion and music. Dozens of museums and art galleries are the right stops to understand the vibrant cultural scenario of this city. Getty Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Museum of Contemporary Art and the Hammer Museum are some of the lures for getting the art aficionados to book cheap flights to USA.

Theme Parks and Other Lures

Disneyland and Universal Studios finds a mention in the travel itinerary of every traveller who wishes to soak himself with the very essence of LA. Magic Mountain is an apt option for thrill seekers while Buena Park rewards visitors with wonderful rides and slides.

Both Las Vegas and Los Angeles are top travel destinations, with each having a monster-size allure shadowing it! It sure is not easy to crown the king between the two, so let us just leave it there and create a holiday idea that is big enough to accommodate both these popular cities.

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