Surprisingly enlaced across a string of splendours, eternal festivities and vivacious nightlife, Auckland offers everything needed for a perfect holiday. The melodious music scene of this vibrant city tempts music-lovers to book flights to Auckland.

Auckland is one of the greatest melting pots which depict the striking aromas, visual delights, fascinating sights and diverse cultures. This city’s picturesque beauty and multitude of tourists charm lure back numerous tourists to plan holidays here. This vibrant multi-ethnic pot boiler brags its ultra-modern appeal. The awesome isthmus is crammed full of deadly volcanic hills, the enchanting harbours, sun-drenched beaches and lush islands.

Nestled in the heart of New Zealand, Auckland is blessed with melodious music and natural beauty. This city of sails has transformed from a land of tribal rivalry to an ultra-modern city with vibrant and pulsating nightlife which has tremendously added to the popularity of cheap tickets to Auckland.

From posh nightclubs to fabulous lounges and bars, from lively live music venues to music theatres- Auckland’s nightlife has something for everyone interested in a night-tour of the city. While live music theatres are hit amongst the young party-lovers, the famous jazz venues offer a perfect refuge to more matured tourists taking flights to Auckland. Read on to know about some of the best music venues that persuades tourists to plan a trip to this city.

Jazz and blues club

Auckland jazz and blues club is one of the premier retreats for jazz lovers taking tickets to Auckland. This popular club was established to increase the interesting jazz and blues scene in the city. This superb club is a huge hit amongst the local and out-of-state Jazz lovers. The key lures here are the club night events that are held every Tuesday night. While the pulsating club night events are free to club members, non-members interested in this merriest events need to bear a fee of $5.00. These club night’s here feature impromptu entertainment where audiences are spellbound with the performances by the local Jazz and blues bands. This remarkable club organizes several events year-round tempting music lovers from around the globe to book flights to Auckland.

The Deschlers

One of the popular music centres, The Deschlers exhibits the most romantic environ and the best hospitality available in town. Jazz lovers plan tour to this euphonical attraction only to get flabbergasted by the nerve tickling jazz sessions that are enough to fade away the choky feeling of the hurly burly of city’s routine activities. This club with an ultimate blend of melody and taste offers a spectacular musical scene. The ultimate music, revered hospitality, delectable cuisines and the romantic environ makes it a perfect place for the honeymooners and couples taking to enjoy a romantic evening with a feeling of privacy and placidity. While this club is a huge hit amongst the jazz lovers, blues are also often played in this music space.

The Dog Bollix

The Dog Bollix is musical center that tempts holiday-makers to relish the mirth of music. This music zone brags the glittering music scene with the native and often international promising talents. This club welcomes its local and international guests with a little pleasant spice of life. The jamming sessions and the karaoke performances promise to offer unlimited amusement opportunities. Tourists often partake in the tunes of guitars as they indulge in the mugs of beer. This club offers endless opportunities for tourists taking cheap flights to Auckland to venture in its pool of music and food.

The Mexican Cafe

The Mexican Café utterly famous for its Latin music performances persuades music lovers to planholidays in Auckland. The intoxicating music here creates ripples in the heart to flow like waves of relaxation. The incredible music scenes here vary from samba numbers, Portuguese, French to English. Nights truly come alive at this club with music that drops from drums and vocals. The pulsating DJ nights tempt more youngsters and teenagers. A trip to this club promises to spoil music lovers with the choice of delectable culinary adventure and soothing music.

Devonport Folk Music Club

The unique Devonport Folk Music Club offers an absolute retreat and an amazing encounter with traditions and cultures of New Zealand with its “traditional jingles” and folk songs. This place offers stupendous hospitality and the loads of affection and warmth for guests. This den of mirth surely revitalizes spirits of those who travel to Auckland for a life time. The glee at night in poetry crafted by nature, Devonport Folk Music Club is a must visit for music lovers and families taking cheap flights to Auckland.

Auckland – Getting There And Around

Auckland welcomes almost all the international airways carriers with the fervour of a good host at its modernistic Auckland airport. The efficient shuttle service runs between the international and domestic terminals and connects to central business districts via the prominent hotels. Tourists can also hire airport taxis; however, the shuttle services are cheaper than taxis. The regular bus services are also a good option for those who travel to Auckland.

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