The city of great wonders and natural flaunts, Melbourne houses a range of tourist attractions. The various skyscrapers, historic spots, art galleries, wineries and fun spots of the city are marvellous and make cheap flights to Melbourne worth buying.

With a fusion of splendid heritage architecture and sky-piercing skyscrapers, Melbourne impresses by its flourishing parklands, foaming waterways and fascinating urban suburbs. The appeal of Melbourne is extremely charismatic and makes it second to none holiday destination. The city dazzles the world with its magnificence and makes many jaws drop!

Here are10 holiday attractions in the city that make tickets for cheap flights to Melbourne popular:

Great Ocean Road

Running along some of the most striking landscapes, Great Ocean Road is a gleaming gem of Melbourne. The Great Ocean Road takes the travellers on a heavenly ride passing though superb cliffs, gorgeous ocean vistas, mesmerising beaches, lush rainforests and incredible rock formations. A drive on the Great Ocean Road bestows endless bliss to the travellers booking cheap flights to Melbourne and leaves them longing for more.

Eureka Skydeck

To enjoy the beauty and splendour of the city from a bird’ eye, the Eureka Skydeck is the ideal place for travellers on holiday tour to Melbourne. The crown of this amazing wonder is made accessible by two dedicated lifts that give the travellers feel of being on some space jet ready to take off!

National Gallery of Victoria

For art lovers booking cheap flights to Australia, National Gallery of Victoria is a lavish treat where they can explore a rich collection of international art forms. Renowned with the name of NGV among the locals, it is the oldest and largest art gallery of the country and houses many artefacts including ceramics, lithographs, textiles, etchings, photography and fashion.

National Sports Museum

One of the most popular holiday locations in Melbourne, National Sports Museum is a living dream for every sport enthusiast booking cheap flights to Australia. The museum features Australia’s most striking sporting collection and exhibits over 3500 objects related to the memorable moments in sporting history of the country. The displays of the museum focusing on sports like football, boxing, basketball, cricket, cycling, golf, thoroughbred horse racing, netball, Olympic and Paralympic Games, rugby union, etc are remarkable and revive the moments that have shaped Australia’s prosperous sporting customs and cultural heritage!

Yarra Valley Wineries

Undulating hills, groomed vineyards, serene towns and a famous foodie trail, Yarra Valley Wineries has it all! Being Australia’s leading wine-growing regions, a trip to the Yarra Valley Wineries offers peerless experiences and let the travellers gratify their taste buds by tasting exotic whines at various boutique wineries and lazy lunches at joints located here.

Old Melbourne Gaol

To turn the pages of history and step back in time, the Old Melbourne Gaol is a great place to visit. Home to the oldest jail, remarkable Magistrates’ Court and former Police City Watch House, the Old Melbourne Gaol grants the permission to peep into the past, present and future of crime and justice in Australia!

Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum is an outstanding tourist spot that mirrors the social history, indigenous civilizations, science and environment of Australia. Awarded the most popular tourist attraction by Victorian Tourism Awards, Melbourne Museum features many legendary exhibits that recite stories of the icons and personalities that sacrificed their lives in shaping Melbourne. The museum embraces a world of emotions, thoughts and aspirations, and justifies Melbourne being one of the most popular holiday destinations on the globe!

Melbourne Zoo

For the wildlife lovers planning air travel and booking flights to Melbourne, the Melbourne Zoo is a great feast to hop on. The zoo is home to over 250 species of animals living in beautiful surroundings. It is the oldest zoo of Australia and has become a popular site among the family vacationers for picnics and sundown shows. The star attractions of the zoo like Butterfly House, families of gorillas, kangaroos, wombats and koalas are amazing and offer bag full of memories to the visitors!

Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Phillip Island Penguin Parade is an incredible event that starts at sunset when the Phillip Island fairy penguins return to coast. The sights of wobbly-footed penguins coming to the shore in small groups bestow great peace to the mind and soul of the spectators waiting to get their glimpse. Descrying this amazing parade before the dark swallows the sea and sky is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no traveller flying to Melbourne would like to miss!

Queen Victoria Market

Located at the northern end of the city, the Queen Victoria Market is the largest open-air market. The market features more than 1000 stalls selling every conceivable item including fruits, vegetables, local and imported gourmet foods and fashion and general goods. The separate meat hall and delicatessen area of the Queen Victoria Market are renowned for Greek, Italian and Polish food and steal away the limelight from all other stalls! The market stays open five days a week with Sunday as the most exciting day featuring endless fun and carnival like atmosphere.

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