Abundance of natural vistas, modern sporting venues, eternal adventure possibilities and favourable weather – Sydney is the best bet for sports tourism. The incessant sporting opportunities beguile sport lovers to grab flights to Sydney.

Sports tourism is certainly not a term unheard-of in Australia. Sports tourism literally translates to tourism based on the theme of sports and games. Sports tourism in Sydney has helped the Australian travel industry to cherish and bloom manifold.

Sports in Sydney are grand affairs, much like eternal celebrations. This sports savvy city features every possible sport played in the country. No wonder, every tourist with adventure and sports on his mind is bound to pick up flights to Sydney.

Field Sports in Sydney

Sydney offers a variety of sporting activities to keep the tourists engaged and enthralled. While cricket and rugby are some of the most popular field sports, football, basketball and golf are other admired sports in Sydney.


Cricket is perhaps one of the most popular sporting activities in Sydney with huge following across all age groups. The popularity of the game is equalled by the national cricket team’s wins in international competitions and events. Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is one of the most renowned cricket stadiums all across the world and has seen huge crowds during international matches. No wonder, millions travel to this city to witness the thrill of live cricket.


Of all the sports, rugby certainly takes the centre stage in Sydney. Rugby here is all about scorching passion, whirling pace and moments of valour. The increasingly high popularity of rugby has incalculably added to the popularity of cheap air tickets to Sydney.


Over the years, tennis has surmounted the heights of popularity and excellence in Australia. The city offers a tennis extravaganza with calendar full of international tennis tournaments to lure the tennis buffs from around the world.


Golf is a sport high on fame in Sydney. The pea-green courses at the Royal Sydney’s Championship golf course have been the centre-stage for several esteemed golfing tournaments, such as the Australian Open Championships and the Australian PGA Championship.

Adventure Sports in Sydney

Holidays to Sydney spell pure adventure. The abundance of natural vistas around the city offers gamut of adventure opportunities to partake in. Rock climbing, bushwalking and windsurfing are some top draws that lure back adventurers year on year.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the most sought after adventure activity in Sydney, such that it outshines other adventure sports. Sydney spoils rock climbers with different options – be it elongated, wobbly sea cliffs, solid sport tracks and extremely rocky climbs. This city tempts the brave-heart rock climbers to plan adventure tour to Sydney at some of the world’s best spots like the Blue Mountain.


Adventure opportunities in Sydney are not just about getting the adrenaline high but also about experiencing the magnificence of the city from close quarters and bushwalking trips is certainly the best way to do so. Bushwalking adventures confer an exclusive gateway into an almost primal cosmos.

Water Sports in Sydney

Sydney beaches like Manly and Bondi remain jam-packed with tourists trying out water adventure activities. Surfing, snorkelling, sailing and windsurfing are some of the popular water sports in Sydney.

Scuba Diving

Sydney waters are ideal for scuba diving activities. Unsurprisingly, throngs of divers plan scuba diving expeditions here. The teeming marine life that abounds in ocean here coupled with awe-inspiring views of shipwrecks and caverns offers unparalleled diving experience.


Surfing is the key crowd puller in Sydney. The sun-drenched beaches make a perfect stopover for beachgoers taking flights to Sydney and wanting to indulge in surfing. This mesmerizing city offers a range of surfing options that suit experienced and amateurs alike.


The Sydney waterfronts tempt those looking for a windsurfing adventure to experience the thrill of riding high on the crest of waves. Windsurfing or wave sailing at Bondi or Manly attracts water-sport enthusiasts by the hordes.

Upcoming Sports Events in Sydney

Alluring sporting events held in Sydney tempt sports lovers every year. The city is all set to host various sporting event in the coming months enticing sports lovers to book cheap flights to Sydney!


This cricket-crazy city will soon be hosting the prestigious Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 2011/12. Other important cricket tournament that cricket lovers can enjoy is the electrifying Twenty20 International matches between cricketing giants India and Australia. Those willing to witness the pulsating live action should start fishing for all-inclusive package deals to grab cheap flights and hotels well in advance.


The birthplace of Australian surfing, Sydney will be hosting the Australian Open of Surfing to be held at the Manly Beach. The event will celebrate the surf and youth culture of Australia. This unique sporting event is sure to lure the best of surf and skateboard athletes to take cheap flights to Sydney and revel in the exciting atmosphere.


Sydney will also be hosting Harbour Regatta, an iconic sailing event. This thrilling event will feature over 300 yachts and 2,500 crew members competing inshore and offshore, over two days of racing, on eight course areas and over 24 divisions.

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