Australia is a massive country both in terms of size and appeal it holds among keen vacationers. Millions of travellers book flights to Australia each year to explore myriad of its tourist delights. The country’s hotel scene is another wonderful lure.

The God has been extra generous while creating Australia! How else can one explain such an incredible natural bounty? Wonderful shining beaches, azure warm waters, lush green forests, arid deserts and soaring mountain peaks – there is not a single geological feature that cannot be found on the island continent of Australia!

Natural splendours aren’t the only reasons that make flights tickets to Australia such a phenomenon all over the world. Each Australian city is a tourist paradise, replete with all kinds of charms for tourists – be it world class infrastructure, satiating shopping spree, pulsating nightlife or remarkable food! Tourism is a major industry in Australia, with every region in country featuring top class hotels and each province teeming with warm Aussie hospitality.

Top Attractions in Australia

Annually, millions of travellers grab flights to Australia and land up in this country to feel its infinite magnetism. It is a massive nation that holds countless tourist attractions and delights, however there are few that are just hard to ignore and the main ‘culprits’ for making cheap flight to Australia such a rarity!

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is perhaps the biggest reason cheap flight tickets to Australia have become as rare as a hen’s tooth! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system and is home to an astounding 1,500 species of fish. It is a much-loved destination among scuba divers, underwater explorers, and those who love exotic, romantic tropical islands.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most famous landmark! In fact, there are very few contemporary structures around the world that compare to this iconic Australian spectacle in terms of recognisability. Sydney Opera House is one of the busiest performing arts centres all over the globe, with approximately 2500 performances and events being staged each year. It is estimated that this extraordinary Australian landmark attracts nearly 4 million tourists each year.

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is involved in animal preservation, enrichment and research, along with featuring natural, spacious exhibits. The zoo also maintains a breeding-for-release program for threatened native species. Perth Zoo holds more native species than any other zoos in Australia.

Asian elephants, crocodiles, little penguins, Sumatran orangutans and sun bears are some of the highlights of the zoo.

National Gallery of Australia

Located near Canberra, the National Gallery of Australia is hugely popular among cultural and historical aficionados and entices them to look for airlines who offer cheap airfares on flights to Australia. It boasts of a massive collection of 100,000 artefacts in the areas spanning Australian art, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art, Asian art and International art including European, American and Pacific art.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located along the Queensland coast and stretches over to nearly 120 kilometres in length. Regarded as the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is a wonderful place to pay a visit while in Australia. It is a charming island that attracts tourists with its mesmerising beauty and majestic intrigue. The island features gorgeous rainforests, spectacular freshwater lakes and strikingly-coloured sand cliffs.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is an exceptional archaeological and ethnological reserve that reflects the region’s remarkable history of 40,000 years. The cave paintings and rock carvings stand as testimonies to the skills and way of life of the region’s inhabitants, from the hunter-gatherers of the prehistoric to the Aboriginals still residing there. It is also a habitat for a wide variety of rare or endemic species of flora and fauna.

Australian Accommodation Options

Australia has a well organised hospitality sector. The country maintains a large number of hotels all across the major cities as well as smaller cities and towns. Most of the hostels and hotels in Australia are known for their warm hospitality and world class services.

Australian destinations offer accommodation options to all kinds of travellers, from budget tourists on their cheap holidays in Australia to business traveller seeking the finest of luxuries, and from the honeymooner looking for intimate moments to Hollywood stars on film promotions!

The country’s hotels can be categorized into two broad categories: budget and luxury.

Budget Hotels

It is no denying the fact that majority of the holiday makers who travel to Australia prefer budget accommodation than the lavish ones. Money is of course the biggest consideration but some people also think that being cocooned up in all the lavishness and opulence of the five stars is not going to offer a real perspective of the actual world. There are heaps of budget hotels in all the major cities of Australia.

Luxury Hotels

Some people love to be pampered and Australian hotels sure know how to do it right! The country’s plush hotels are frequented by a lot of business tycoons and celebrities. Top hotels in Australia feature most of the facilities and amenities that have ever been invented by global hospitality industry!

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