Melbourne is one of the most happening cities of Australia. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Survey in 2011 awarded the city as the most liveable city in the world enticing millions to book flights to Melbourne.

Melbourne is the most vivacious city of Australia that always stays busy in welcoming hordes of travellers from all over the globe. The city is a true paradise to live in and hence has been awarded with an honour of being the most liveable city in the world in the year 2011 by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Survey.

The tourists who book ticket to Melbourne get so enamoured by the city’s lifestyle that they find it difficult to end their vacations and head back to their homes. Here is the list of top reasons which explain why Melbourne has been awarded with such a prestigious title.

Major Attractions

Melbourne is home to so many tourist attractions that it is impossible to witness all in a single visit. For history enthusiasts, Melbourne is a paradise to live in. The Melbourne Museum is the most popular and visited museum that flaunts the rich past and glorious history of this wonderful city. The travellers booking flights to Melbourne never miss a chance to travel to this outstanding epitome of city’s magnificent history.

The Melbourne Zoo is a great feast for all the wildlife lovers. The zoo grants a chance to the visitors to observe the wild animals such as Asian elephants, baboons, brown bear, corroboree frog, gorillas etc in their natural habitat. Apart from travellers, the locals of Melbourne also love to plan an afternoon picnic to this zoo with their family.

Luna Park is another brilliant attraction of the city that excites travellers of all age groups. This park features many rides such as Roller Coasters, Pharaoh’s Curse, Metropolis, Spider, Twin Dragon, G force and Shock Drop, etc. The Luna Park has been delighting millions of travellers to book flights to Melbourne to enjoy enriching holidays.

Connectivity Within and Across

Melbourne shares convenient connections within the city as well as across Victoria and beyond. The city features two main airports – Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport. While Qantas, Australia’s national and full service international airline connects Melbourne to international destinations, low cost carriers such as Jet Star Airways and Tiger Airways Australia connect Melbourne with major Australian destinations.

As soon as the tourists land into any of these airports, they can hop into bus tours to travel to all the main attractions of the city. It is the best and most favoured way to explore the popular attractions of Melbourne. Moreover, there are walking trips in the city that let the travellers peep into some of the city’s most remarkable sights.

The boat cruises of Melbourne are marvellous and provide a picturesque image of the city. The travellers who wish to relish a bird’s eye view of the city may opt for helicopter tours that offer spectacular sights of Melbourne’s beaches and landscapes from the top.

Culture and Lifestyle

The culture and lifestyle of Melbourne is vivacious and energetic. The locals of the city know how to have fun and celebrate number of awe-inspiring carnivals that mirror the traits of their dazzling culture. The Melbourne Food and Wine festival is the most incredible carnival of the city that flaunts the love of food among the locals. Zillions of food lovers book for cheap flights to Melbourne in the month of March to please their appetite for lip smacking food and exotic wines.

The locals of Melbourne are usually humorous and cheerful. They even celebrate the International Comedy Festival in the month of April that highlights the comedy entertainment in the city. The festival tempts many frivolous travellers to book tickets to Melbourne to enjoy a trip to this cheerful city.

The music and dance are integral parts of the city that tempt party animals to browse through cheap tickets to Melbourne in the month of November to attend the amazing Wangaratta Jazz Festival. The festival features over 90 events and performances by 350 international and Australian musical artists.

To know the agricultural wealth of city, September is the best month to plan holidays to Melbourne. During this month, the city celebrates the Royal Melbourne Show that exhibits numerous animals, activities, ring events and competitions, sideshow alley, rides and sample bags. This grand carnival magnifies the picture of rural Australia.

Healthcare and Education

Melbourne has built a great reputation when it comes to healthcare and educational facilities. The city features brilliant hospitals that are renowned for their excellent and modern medical facilities. Millions of travellers plan tour to Melbourne to get themselves treated at the prominent health centres of the city such as the Epworth Richmond, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Alfred Hospital to name a few.

When it comes to educational centres, Melbourne features some of the best schools and university in the world. The University of Melbourne was ranked 31st on the list of best universities in the world in 2011. Millions of students dream to be a part of this great institution that has produced many legendary engineers and doctors.

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