Bangkok, with its colourful mix of history and modernism, allures hordes of holidaymakers to grab air tickets aboard flights bound for the metropolis. This article provides some valuable tips and advices to help travellers score a safe and enjoyable vacation in the capital city of Thailand.

Glittering temples, bizarre museums, wild nightlife, mouth-watering cuisines and cosmopolitan shopping – there are reasons galore why tickets on flights bound for Bangkok are so much sought after. Fondly dubbed as the City of Angels, Bangkok is one of the most wonderful holiday spots in Thailand. Even in terms of tourist safety, the Thai capital beats most other destinations hands down. Not inherently dangerous, Bangkok is considered safe for tourists. But incidences of ‘petty crimes’ such as pick-pocketing, taxi scams and credit card scams are not completely unheard of in the city. Tourists must exercise general safety precautions and be on guard in order to score a safe, enjoyable and scam-free holiday in Thailand.

Here are some safety tips and healthy advices for travellers reserving tickets on flights for sojourning the capital city of Thailand.

Personal Safety Tips

Beware of Surroundings: Though crimes against tourists are quite rare, holidaymakers in Bangkok should remain aware of their surroundings. It is advisable not to venture alone to the isolated areas, especially after dark. Getting too drunk also makes one vulnerable.

Avoid getting into brawl: People in Thailand love tourists, but they never allow one to misbehave with locals, be it tuk-tuk drivers, shop-keepers or bar girls. So avoid getting into a heated argument while holidaying in the destination. Talk politely and do not raise your voice. In case you get involved in an incident, call tourist police or just walk away. Holidaymakers contemplating to book flights and vacation deals for holidays to the city must also respect local cultures and laws of Thailand.

Drive Cautiously: Traffic in Bangkok has a reputation of being notorious and road accidents are a tad too frequent. So when you drive, always heed safety norms. Wear a helmet while riding bikes as it is safer and even saves you from getting fined by the city’s traffic police.

Health Tips
As far as climatic conditions go, Bangkok is relatively hot, especially in warm months of March to June. So tourists reserving tickets on flights to visit this metropolis in summers should note that dehydration can be a major problem if precautions are not taken. One should drink lots of water and try to escape the scorching sun as much as possible. Carrying a hat and sunglasses would also be a wise decision. Gorging on delicious street food is a quintessential holiday activity. But it pays to ensure that the food is prepared in a hygienic way. Those who book flight tickets and holiday deals to relish city’s notorious nightlife must take necessary precautions to prevent HIV infections or other STDs.

Tips on How to Conduct Yourself in Public
Holidaymakers who spend on tickets aboard flights to this glittering metropolis would find people in Thailand to be very sensitive towards their religion and culture. So, visitors must avoid wearing indecent outfits. It is important to know that revealing clothes dressing may be frowned upon. While visiting Buddhist temples and monasteries, tourists are expected to uphold some etiquette. Spitting, urinating or doing anything that is considered profane is strictly disallowed. Also, public display of affection is looked down upon with disdain. So holidaymakers grabbing tickets on flights for Thailand holidays must refrain from cuddling and fondling in public.

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