The best ice cream parlours in Lahore


Lahore is Pakistan’s second-largest city and is packed with historic landmarks, picturesque parks, bustling eateries and is full of culture. These are just some of the reasons why the city is such a popular destination to visit.


With Manchester to Lahore flights being extremely affordable and lots of other flights from more cities in the UK, travelling to Lahore for a holiday or to see family living there has never been easier.


Something that Lahore is known around the world for is its ice cream parlours and in this guide, we give you a run down of some of the places you should visit.

Options Restaurant Lahore

Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5/5


Restaurants in Lahore serve delicious ice cream

Options Restaurant Lahore is famed for its Pakistani and international cuisine, but as many locals will vouch, they serve some of the best ice creams in Lahore.


Its Hot Fudge Sundae is known across the city for being delicious, but there are plenty of other ice cream flavours which you can enjoy if you are dining here. From single scoop ice cream to Molten Lava accompanied with ice cream, there are plenty of ice cream-based desserts you can enjoy at Options Restaurant.


The restaurant also has a variety of ice cream flavours that you can enjoy, and these include traditional favourites such as strawberry, chocolate and fudge.


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The Hotspot Café

Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5



The Hotspot Café was actually started in Islamabad, but they have an ice cream parlour in Lahore now and it has become one of the top spots to stop at for people who love ice cream.


The café has for many years now been one of the go-to places for ice cream in Lahore and despite competition from many other ice cream parlours, it is still one of the most popular places to visit in the city.


A visit to Lahore just wouldn’t be the same without heading to this iconic ice cream parlour and here you can choose from a multitude of flavours that range from pistachio and vanilla to chocolate. The ice creams are famed for their tastiness and the way they use quality ingredients.


Although their ice creams are what the Hotspot Café is known for, they have amazing side options like Molten Lava cake or waffles which are a perfect match to go with their ice cream. You can also pick up savoury dishes at the café and they are known for serving delicious beef burgers and alfredo pasta.


Shezan Restaurant

Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5/5


You can enjoy ice cream at Shezan Restaurant

If you are not only looking to taste some of the best ice creams in Lahore but are also looking to try some delicious Asian and Pakistani cuisine, then Shezan Restaurant is a great place to visit during your stay.


You can enjoy Pakistani specialities such as Chicken Karahi and Murgh Haleem or continental dishes like Chicken Sheesh Kabab and Crumbed Lamb Chops.


Their famous ice cream is the showstopper, however, and there are plenty of flavours you can choose from. Just some of the selections include vanilla, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, pineapple, and mango.


There are two Shezan restaurants in Lahore and they are Regale in D.H.A Phase 1 and Fotress in Saddar Town. Both are popular and you will likely need to book a table in advance.


Baskin Robbins

Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5



Baskin Robbins is an international brand, but their ice cream parlours have become extremely popular across Pakistan since they launched in the country several years ago.


They have an ice cream parlour located in Lahore and it is full of mouth-watering flavours. These premium ice creams can be enjoyed at reasonable prices.


Some of the speciality ice creams you can enjoy at Baskin Robbins ice cream parlour in Lahore include a Banana Royale Sundae, Brownie A La Mode, a Thunder Brownie Waffle Bowl, and the classic Banana Split.


Cold Stone Creamery

Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5/5



If you want the ultimate ice cream experience, then the Cold Stone Creamery should be on your bucket list of places to visit in Lahore.


The ice cream parlour is famed for the experience it offers visitors with its friendly staff performing fun and simple tricks with the ice cream!


The ice creams served at Cold Stone Creamery are delicious and you can try a variety of flavours and choose a range of toppings too. Flavours include classics such as coffee and chocolate as well as mango and Ferrero Roche. You can even create your own ice cream by choosing multiple flavours to go in one pot!


The travel and lifestyle blog Siddysays highly recommends visiting the ice cream parlour in Lahore: “The Cold Stone Creamery positions itself not just as an ice cream but as an experience for its consumers delivering one of the best-in-class ice cream products and premium services. The ice cream parlour is all about giving its customers the ability to create and participate in their own personal ice cream experience having it prepared right in front of their eyes. Every customer has a choice of 21 different flavours that are all freshly made daily and the price starts from PKR 300 only!”


The Sweet Tooth

Trip Advisor Rating: 4.5/5



The Sweet Tooth started as a humble ice cream parlour in Lahore, but after its popularity increased rapidly it is now one of the fastest-growing chains in Pakistan. There are now parlours in DHA phase 6, Main Boulevard Gulberg and Fort Road (Near Badshahi masjid).


Visiting one of their restaurants is a dining experience you won’t forget as their menu has a huge selection of sweet and savoury items.


Ice cream lovers should try one of their most popular dishes: the cookie skillet with vanilla or chocolate ice cream.


The best ice cream parlours in Lahore


  • Options Restaurant Lahore
  • The Hotspot Café
  • Shezan Restaurant
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • The Sweet Tooth


These are just some of the highest-rated ice cream parlours in Lahore and we’d highly recommend you visit one of these during your visit.


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