Street food in India


Street food in India: So tempting you’ll want to book tickets to India immediately


India is known as a diverse country with a great variety of cultures, religions, languages and scenery. From breath-taking beaches to misty mountains, the mesmerising Taj Mahal to the bustling bazaars, there are so many different sides to this enchanting land. Equally varied and fascinating is the vast range of local fare that can be bought as street food, so tempting you’ll want to book flights to India immediately.


Immerse yourself in a culinary experience and take your taste buds on an adventure, sampling the huge array of different street foods. Indulge yourself in authentic, mouth-watering dishes and eat alongside the locals. With so much variety, there is something to suit all tastes and you are sure to discover new favourites. Street food is budget-friendly, quick and tends to be prepared right in front of you.


The most popular street foods


When we think about Indian cuisine, curries and chapatis may be the first things that spring to mind, but there is a whole host of undiscovered authentic street food dishes just waiting to be experienced. Some street foods can be found across the whole of India. Aloo chaat is a simple snack made from potatoes, chutney and spices. Samosas are pastries filled with peas, potato, onion and lentils, all blended with delicious spices and deep fried to perfection. Lassi is a refreshing drink made with yoghurt, spices and fruits and available in both sweet and savoury flavours. As well as these commonly found street foods, there are also regional specialities which are unique to specific regions and cities.


Book tickets to India. Which city?


The most popular street foods


Fly to Delhi, a great place to experience plentiful authentic street food. Tickle your taste buds by sampling the local delicacies at pavement eateries. Chole bhature is a spicy curry made with chickpeas and served with puri, a deep-fried bread. Take the train to Agra and sample tasty Mughlai dishes, a trademark of the city. Try the delicious kebabs and speciality sweets such as petha, made from white pumpkin and nuts. These appetising descriptions are sure to tempt you to book your flights to India.


Masala Chai


In Amritsar, you can watch the skilful chefs preparing a host of tempting snacks such as momos, bite-sized dumplings steamed or fried. Take in the views with a steaming hot cup of sweet Masala chai.


Vada Pao


Travel to Mumbai to experience the appetising smells of Vada Pao being prepared, India’s answer to the burger. This popular street food snack consists of a fried potato dumpling known as batata vada, served in a bread bun and garnished with delicious chutneys and chillies.


Ghugni Chaat


A popular street food in Bengaluru is ghugni chaat, a vegan dish made with dried white peas in gravy, sprinkled with herbs from the area. This is a healthy snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you have a sweet tooth, the Mangalore banana buns served with coconut chutney are certain to satisfy any cravings. These delicious temptations are sure to make you want to book tickets to India straight away.



Chennai is the place to visit to try Idli Sambhar, steamed rice and lentil cakes served with a spicy lentil soup that is sure to leave you craving for more. Fly to Chennai to sample these authentic and delicious dishes.



If you want to try seafood, you won’t go wrong choosing Goa as your destination. Here you can devour fish thali and eat the freshest oysters, mussels, crab, prawns, or mackerel caught that day. Food in the South tends to be spicier than in the North, so if you’re a fan of hot, flavoursome food, this is a good choice.


By now, you’re sure to be convinced that Indian street food is not to be missed. The food alone is a good enough reason to book flights to India. Sample the abundance of tasty treats and scrumptious snacks waiting to be found on the streets of this most remarkable country.

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