Gourmets may not be easily satiated but the ones who are booking tickets for flights to Bangkok can surely move in the direction by adding one more experience to their ‘book of taste-bud’ by trying out the street food of the destination.

Hitting the streets for a culinary experience can be one of the best things a traveller can do in Bangkok. The bustling food stalls may not be meant for everyone but these are certainly for the ones who are slaves to their taste-buds. On the streets of Bangkok, holidaymakers get a local-eye view that exposes them to some of the best flavours of Thailand. No matter which direction you turn your feet (or wheels) to, the colourful display of food will welcome you; especially on the streets where one sees more faces than surface. What’s more? Some are open all night to keep up with your mental clock, in case you have a routine for meals.

What Influences the Street Foods!

Thais love rice. Most of the side dishes that one may order at the restaurant, food stall or anywhere, comes with, you guessed it – rice! Another item that one should not shy away from when exploring the street food in Bangkok is noodles. Now, rice is simple. Just rice, right? But the moment one chooses to speak the word ‘noodle’ at an eatery, things start to get hazy, the air around thickens. Why? The choices are in more than double digits when it comes to noodles. Not to worry, here are few to get you started.

  • Sen Yai – white rice flour noodle, wide flat
  • Sen Lek – medium flat rice flour noodle
  • Woon Sen – also called Glass Noodle, a thin, transparent soya bean flour noodle
  • Bah Mii – a noodle that contains egg and wheat flour

Choosing the one matching with your taste takes a little time (or a stroke of luck); keep exploring.

Places that define ‘Street-food’ in Bangkok

Sukhumvit Soi 38 is one name street-foodies cannot ignore. Just a stone’s throw away from BTS at Thong Lor, Sukhumvit Soi 38 juxtaposes with more polished restaurants. This eating street is packed with stalls that offer cheap, tasty and hygienic food with quick service. English menus make the selection process easier for the westerners. Another great place worth mentioning is Thip Samai, one of the best places to gorge on fried noodles. Vacationers booking tickets on flights to Bangkok to explore Bangkok’s Chinatown need not go anywhere else. Bangkok’s Chinatown/Yaowarat is a food paradise for gourmands. There are many other places that are hailed for their food but these are great spots to start with, and certainly must-visits for grub-lovers who have boarded their first flights to Bangkok.

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