Before booking a trip overseas, it can help to carry out a bit of research into the country you will be visiting first.

Before booking a trip overseas, taking some time to look into the location and find out a bit about its culture could help you to make the right decision about taking a trip.

Around the world, very distinctive cultures and belief systems are in place and Andy Edmonds, editor of, explained that one of the best tips he can give anyone is to do some research before booking a holiday.

“Look into the destination, plan ahead and more importantly, understand the culture and what is expected from you as a visitor,” Mr Edmonds suggested.

He added that some of the important things to consider are if it is expected that you should pay a tip and the correct way of greeting someone, which could require learning a few words in a foreign language.

If you learn some of these basics, it can do a lot to impress the local people.

Travellers in Thailand should remember to eat all the rice they are given, as to leave any is considered wasteful.

Written by Nicholas Scott

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