Drenched in intriguing historical and cultural charms, Intramuros in Manila lives up to every penny history-enthusiasts spend on tickets aboard flights to sojourn Philippines. Here is a quick guide on attractions, shopping and dining in this fascinating region of the island nation.

Manila, the capital city of Philippines, is thronged by hordes of tourists for its tempting concoction of glorious monuments, lively markets, multicultural heritage and revitalizing nightlife. Although, the entire city oozes out an enigmatic charm, Intramuros is where you can get the true taste of Manila. Despite the ever-growing sassiness in the Philippines, this part of Manila still breathes in its rich heritage and transports visitors to a different world of a different era. Splendid forts, magnificent cathedrals, glorious ruins and some of the grandest interiors of Philippines; it is so steeped in history that it will be hard not to be impressed by its charm.

Top Attractions
History comes alive within this nearly three-mile-long circuit of monolithic stone walls. Filled to brim with amazing palaces, forts, cathedral, churches and historical ruins, Intramuros, the oldest district of Manila, is every historian’s dream comes true. Get a glimpse of life and work of José Rizal – the national hero of the Philippines, and explore some stunning architecture at Fort Santiago. Located on the north-western gate of Plaza Moriones, this former military headquarter of the Spanish Colonial government is one of the most popular sites in entire Philippines and attracts a huge number of tourists who spend on air tickets aboard flights bound for the city.

Manila Cathedral is another glittering jewel in the area. Besides its astonishing interior, what leaves visitors mesmerised about this grand structure is its intriguing past and great spiritual significance. Various museums such as Bahay Tsinoy, Rizal Shrine and San Agustín Museum found in this walled district also capture the imaginations of history-lovers who book tickets on flights for Philippines vacations.

For those who find shopping for handcrafts and souvenirs exciting, a visit to the historical area is a must while holidaying in Philippines. Shopaholics find the lively markets, stores and galleries in the area, which sell everything from native art to contemporary attires, living up to their money spent on flight tickets and holiday deals. Mananzan Handicrafts and The Silahis Centre are two popular places to buy handcrafted goods. Shining malls in the nearby Ermita area also have surprises galore for shopping-lovers taking air tickets onboard flights to sojourn here.

Besides its glorious monuments, Intramuros is famous for offering a wide variety of food, both regional and intercontinental. An eclectic range of restaurants here caters to foodies of all tastes and budget. Bustling markets also boast countless food stalls that serve on plate hot and spicy street food. From Hong Kong style fried noodles to European Bread & Pastries and plenty of sea foods; epicureans will surely be left spoilt for choice and gloating over their decision of booking tickets on flights to visit this part of Philippines. Ilustrado, 9 Spoons, Max’s Restaurant and Ristorante delle Mitre are some popular eateries in the region.

How to get there
International tourists, after disembarking their flights at city’s international airport, can hire taxis which are probably the easiest and most direct way to reach Intramuros. Apart from that, the area is connected with the rest of the city by local buses and calesa, the horse-drawn carriages. For tourists who want to save on transportation after reserving cheap air tickets on flights to the city, the last two options are the most suggested.

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