A world of exploding colours, India attracts heaps of holiday makers, each year. While cheap flights to India may not be easily available, a little research and a pinch of commonsense would surely allow travellers to land up with cheap airfares.

India is an intoxicating cocktail of vibrant cultures that could offer a life changing experience to the visiting rovers! Being a highly popular holiday destination in the world, India often entices people to look for cheap flight deals for the country to relish a holiday that not only drenches one in the colours of multiplicity but is also easy on pockets!

Cheap flights to India tempt travellers as colourful toys charm little angels! However, it comes as no surprise that for grabbing cheap flights to India, travellers need to have some patience and need to make some efforts.

The first and perhaps the most important factor that determines the chances of netting cheap flight deals to India is the season in which one is visiting the country. The climate of India is broadly divided into three categories- winters (November to February), summers (April to July) and monsoon (August to October). Though the best time to visit India is considered to be the period between October and March, those who wish to grab cheap flight deals to the country should stick to off-season or shoulder-season.

Off-Season Months

Many budget travellers plan their holiday breaks to India during the off-season months that start from May and last till September. Though the weather conditions may not be as favourable during these months, they guarantee cheap holiday deals to the travellers including low-priced air tickets, cheaper accommodation options, etc. Moreover, travelling during off-peak season months to India can also save the travellers from bursting crowds and let them access all major attractions in India effortlessly. However, not every budget traveller can take the risk of travelling to India during the very hot months of off-season and that brings us to:


Shoulder months are the times that fall between the high and the low seasons of the destination. Travellers who wish to enjoy gratifying holidays to India without spending a bomb can take the benefit of the shoulder months that provide them a combination of desirable prices and favourable climatic conditions. The spring time (February to March) and autumn (September to October) are considered as best shoulder months to plan holiday breaks to India without compromising on holiday fun.

Apart from seasonal factors, there are many other general yet significant tips that can surely help the shoestring travellers in netting holiday deals to India while maintaining their budget.

It’s Good to Plan Ahead

‘Advance planning’ is probably one of the most common rules that facilitate travellers to get cheap tickets on flights to India. Moreover, it also lets the travellers to book seats on the preferred airline that provides the best value and customer friendly offers.

Look for Deals & Discounts

For travellers, nothing can be as flattering as netting a discounted holiday deal. However, for this they need to make some extra endeavours. Browsing the websites of different airlines and comparing the airfares can surely bring rewarding deals to the budget travellers who wish to enjoy their holidays to India without burning a hole in their pocket.

Believe in Flexibility

Flexibility is a key that can unlock the doors of cheap airline tickets to India! Travellers may take connecting flights to India with a few stopovers to save some green stuff and stay away from the pains caused due to long-haul journeys. Moreover, the first-light flights and late night flights are also considerably low-priced and stay on the preference list of most budget traveller.

Frequent Flier Miles

One can always look towards their frequent flier miles for procuring cheap airfare deals. The major airlines of the country such as Air India (India’s national carrier) and Jet Airways have come up with amazing frequent flier program to enhance their customer base. Such programs not only redeem free tickets for the frequent flyers but also offer great advantages to occasional travellers, only if they make their booking in advance. Apart from offering great deals on flight tickets, frequent flier programs provide an array of added benefits to the travellers including added baggage allowance, access to airport lounges, special vouchers, early check-ins, etc.

Go For Holiday Packages

Rather than browsing for cheap flight tickets, car-rentals, accommodation options and airport transfers separately, travellers can opt for all-inclusive holiday packages that not only save time but are also much cheaper. Travellers may contact a reliable travel agency and tell them all their preferences so as to contrive a holiday package that may suit their taste and do not hurt their budget as well.

Reimbursement Revelry

The number of people travelling by air has increased considerably, over the years. Today many airlines reimburse the difference if airfares go down to enhance their consumer base. Travellers can at anytime claim their money back if the airfares go down. However, reimbursement is not guaranteed as refund policies of the airlines vary!

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