India is top holiday destination that has been fascinating tourists for decades now. Cheap flights to India during 2012 are set to gain even more prominence as more and more travellers are expected to unravel Indian charms during the year.

India is a massive country whose royal magnificence and radiant splendour becharms scores of tourists each year! India, the erstwhile land of rajas and maharajas, boasts an unparallel assemblage of historical and architectural wonders that assert upon the country’s glorious history and culture.

This land of snake charmers is teeming full of incredible tourist attractions, each of which is as dramatic as the other. From the mighty mountains to beautiful beaches, from vast stretches of barren desert to lush green forests – nature too seems have played a prejudiced role while allocating India’s its share of wealth!

The fact remains that you haven’t seen the world if you haven’t been to India! Not unexpectedly, a good number of vacationers find themselves looking for cheap flights to India. There is no better time to visit this enigmatic country than now as India proudly marches its way through economic and social emancipation. With developing infrastructure, easy availability of cheap tickets and an aura that vibrates with positivity, 2012 is indeed the time to greet a culture whose multifariousness is a legend all over!


Delhi is perhaps the most ‘Indian’ city! Streets crammed with rickshaws, motorcycles, and handcarts; child acrobats flaunting their skills right in the middle of a busy road; a stray cattle reflecting on the rear view mirror of a luxury sedan – Delhi is a kind of place that could scare the bejesus out of you!! But persist and prolong and the tourist in you will start appreciating the kaleidoscopic lifestyle of the people here. Few weeks of 2012 in Delhi is a fine proposition, especially with city chugging full steam into the bright future of modernism and improvement.

Spend a day or two wandering in the meandering 17th-century lanes and alleyways of Old Delhi to get hypnotised by the charismatic edifices of historic times. Dominated by the Red Fort and Jama Masjid, Old Delhi is an exciting labyrinth of quaint bazaars and teeming alleys; while New Delhi, country’s political epicentre, is a more methodical district of restaurants, diplomatic enclaves and walled bungalows.

Taj Mahal (Agra)

2012, 2032 or 3041, Taj Mahal is and will remain the biggest charm of India holidays! This white marble monument has made Agra one of the most well-known locations and made cheap flights to India such a popular commodity all over the world. A certified World Heritage Site, the Taj Mahal is one of the most stunning illustrations of Islamic architecture on the face of the earth. Travellers planning to visit this grand icon of love can contemplate morphing a travel itinerary that schedules a visit to Taj Mahal during the impressive Taj Mahotsav 2012, a 10 day annual fiesta that offers a culturally vibrant platform, showcasing regional arts, crafts, cuisine, music and dance.


Drapes of yellow sand enveloping the fringes the Arabian Sea, the brilliant architecture of era gone by creating a sense of nostalgia and an aura that resonates with liveliness of towering degree! That’s Goa for you! One of the most popular destinations in India, Goa is as a big reason why people are so desperate to grab cheap airfares and travel to India. The vibrant state of Goa displays a colonial heritage that reflects the very apparent traces of Portuguese traditions. Goa is a tourists’ ultimate destination for its scenic beauty, wonderful beaches, pulsating night life and delectable food.

Tourists, who can drag themselves away from the shimmering Arabian Sea, will be rewarded with a remarkable set of lures in the inland Goa. Ancient temples, Portuguese churches, spice plantations and cascading waterfalls are few enticements that add an altogether different dimension to the colourful holidays in this travel destination. Concoct a Goa travel schedule to incorporate the riotous celebrations of the Goa Carnival 2012, an annual festival during which the entire state of Goa gets festooned up with bright streamers and ribbons!


Architectural beauty and natural splendour – the two trademarks of South India! And what better place than Kerala to symbolise these traits! Kerala is a land of incredible natural beauty symbolised by azure backwaters, verdant forests and remarkable wildlife. Kerala’s appeal among leisure vacationers is further accentuated by the presence of several Ayurvedic centres and spots. It makes all the sense in the world to plan a wellness tour to this charming South Indian state in the year 2012 to soothe away the day to day qualms of a city life!

Ajanta and Ellora Caves (Maharashtra)

Astonishingly incredible! In the middle of nowhere, whittled into hillside rock, are the Ajanta and Ellora caves. The caves at Ajanta are all Buddhist, whereas the caves at Ellora are a blend of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain. Undoubtedly one of the most popular Indian attractions, these fantastic caves surely deserves a mention in the travel itineraries of sightseers planning India holidays in 2012.

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