India, with its fantastic set of offerings, often makes it hard for holidaymakers to choose which places to visit. To get an easy answer to this, read the article below and fix your travel itinerary for 2015.

India has for long been an incredible holiday destination right since the time when the rest of the world was finding its feet. The difference is that today, the world is much more alive to the myriad charms of Indian holidays. From religious and spiritual hot spots to magnificent beach destinations and heart warming hill getaways – the country has it all plus some more. The marvellous blend of mystery and mysticism feeds the desire to break away from the usual holidaying experience.

It’s just the onset of the New Year 2015, and millions must be planning to grab tickets for flights to India for a vacation. So, here’s a quick introduction to some of the most potent tourist traps of the country.


Come to Varanasi for a heady experience of the country’s pious mystique appeal. Experience life heading at an unhurried pace while you sail down the holy Ganges, against a magnificent backdrop. The true essence of this eternal city promises to draw you to a different era which is hard to find elsewhere in the world. The pervasive aroma of incense drifting out from hundreds of magnificent temples and the continuous peal of temple bells simply make one feel blessed.

Owing to Varanasi’s location, it also boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets in the country. The astonishing variety of migratory birds flocking to the shores of the river against the backdrop of an orange sky displays a scene which just can’t get better. The city is even a popular destination for spotting fresh water dolphins. Sounds like flights of fancy? Well, this is for real!


An amalgamation of the scorching sun and freezing winds, shiny desert and snowy glaciers, sand dunes and azure waters – Leh epitomises a surreal land. The destination packs in a lot of action to keep its visitors engaged and entertained for days. May is the most appropriate time to board flights bound for India and land here. The ones who want to start the adventure early would be better of hiring a motorcycle after landing in India.

Moon Land, located on the way to Zanskar is perhaps the star highlight of the destination. Apart from the spellbinding natural vistas, the region is perfect for some fun filled activities. Leh is home to several monasteries that enjoy immense popularity among both locals and global travellers. Alchi Monastery is amongst the most celebrated choices that features a multi-cuisine restaurant right inside the premises. Tso Moriri Lake is another attraction which just can’t be missed.

Andaman Island

Andaman Island – amidst the wild waves of India Ocean nestles this little island strung together by threads of blue sea. The destination has unique shades, stories and splendours to unfold for everyone. Port Blair, the capital city of the island is one of the best places to take your first halt as the city is crammed full of numerous attractions and is well connected by all means of transport. Start your day by visiting the popular Cellular Jail National Memorial, a colonial style prison built in a fortified structure with solitary cells.

Further, a ferry ride from Port Blair to Havelock Island is a marvellous way to admire the beauty of the sea. Neil Island, a renowned tourist attraction features long stretches of underwater corals thus making it a perfect place for snorkelling and diving. The best time to visit the island is during October when nature is at its best and vacationers boarding India bound flights have an abundance of things to look forward to.

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