The land of Vedas, cultures and modern edifices, India is one destination that often baffles the travellers. However, there some important tips that can help the travellers taking flights to India to relish a memorable holiday tour with ease.

Though there are hundreds of beautiful locations around the world, no place exemplifies “heaven” better than India. Exploding with vibrant colours, cultures and cheers, India is one destination that one needs to see to believe. The country is known for its diverse facets where cars and cows share the same street, temples and mosques rub shoulders and the great russet mountains contrast the turquoise waters of shimmering sea!

Due to such a gigantic image of India, travellers often come up questions like what are the best attractions, what is the best time to visit the country, what precautions should one take while travelling to this country and many more. Read below to know about some important tips that can make travellers taking tickets on flights to India enjoy every bit of their holiday tour without falling in the pit holes.

Explore the Best Attractions


Travellers taking tickets on flights to India never fall short of attractions to explore. Depicting the vibrant culture and legendary past of the country, the attractions of India make travellers winder and ponder in belief. For history enthusiasts, the remarkable historical lures of the country like Taj Mahal, Hampi, Fatehpur Sikri and Ajanta and Ellora Caves are worthwhile places to visit whereas for those who wish to take a plunge into the intense religion of India must head towards attractions like Akshardham Temple, Khajuraho Temples, Bodhgaya, Golden Temple and Konark Sun Temple. Apart from this, the scenic beauty of India is something that never fails to impress the travellers. Places like Auli, Dalhousie, Dehradun, Gangtok, and Munnar are some precious jewels that beautify the horizons of the country and lure millions to look for airlines with cheap flights to India.

Best Time to Visit


The best to visit India is considered to be the winter months that last from October to February. During this part of the year, the country stays blessed with revitalising weather with blissful winds making the aura even more pleasing. Many budget conscious travellers also plan their holiday tour to India during shoulder months i.e. spring time (February to March) and autumn (September to October). The months stay highly popular among the budget conscious travellers who wish to experience the exotic beauty of the country by netting cheap flight deals to India.

Maintain Your Safety


Though India is a blissful country to travel around, travellers visiting here must stay heedful towards some major security issues to enjoy hassle free holiday tour. As the local markets and streets of India stay highly crowded, travellers are advised not to flaunt their valuables and excessive cash openly. Carrying money belt under the clothes is a good idea. The budget travellers who make great efforts to book airlines with cheap flights to India should not play with heir safety for saving just some extra green bucks. They must prefer booking a good hotel over some small guesthouses located away from the main city area. Moreover, the female travellers on holiday tour to India must avoid travelling to lonely places after dark. They must also prefer taking a taxi to reach their hotel if in case they are bound to travel late at night around the country.

Stay Healthy


Nothing can be worst than falling ill on holiday break. Therefore, travellers must take all the necessary precautions to stay fit to relish their holidays to India to the fullest. The country is though known for its delectable street food, travellers should always pick good restaurants to gratify their hunger. They must also prefer drinking bottled water over tap water to stay away from various water born diseases. Travellers should also carry a basic emergency kit along with them to tackle the emergency health issues like headaches, small injuries, dehydrations and much more. The summer months in India are usually highly hot and humid. Therefore, travellers visiting the country during this part of the year must take some extra precautions like drinking sufficient water, covering heads, using effective sunscreen lotions, wearing sunglasses and hates to beat the heat.

Follow the Social Conventions


No matter how much India has elevated the ladder of development, the country is still deeply rooted to its by-gone culture and years old traditions. Travellers often get bewildered after witnessing the diverse facets of the country where a jigsaw puzzle of people of different faith and religion live under one horizon creating an exotic and colourful mosaic. The locals of the country give high respect to their culture and do not bear any sort of disobedience against it. For instance, while visiting any holy place in the country travellers must remove their shoes and cover their heard with a scarf. As India is a highly conservative country, travellers must avoid flaunting personal affection in open. Female travellers are advised to wear modest clothes while visiting small cities or village areas of the country.

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