India tops the charts when it comes to most adored holiday destinations in the world. However, like other hotspots India too has its fair share of quirks so those taking flights to India should be aware of important information to score pleasant holidays.

Incredible India is perhaps one nation that bewitches its visitors with some of the most intriguing sights, unique sounds and heavenly smells in this world! However, like other holiday hotspots India too has its fair share of quirks and travel taboos, which makes it important for every first-time visitor to be mindful of a certain tips and information. Read on to know about some tips on entry essentials, flights, general safety and health safety, which may go a long way in assuring wrinkle free holiday breaks in India.


  • Britons contemplating leisurely breaks to India need to procure a visa before-hand. Flouting this rule may result in entry denials. VFS Global’s website deals with Indian travel visa information in greater details.
  • Tourists with long term multiple entry visas need to register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer within 14 days of arrival in India as overstaying in the country is a criminal offence that results in severe fines with prosecution or detention and later deportation.
  • Departing tourists leaving the country usually receive a departure stamp in their passports barring re-entry to the country for two months, despite of their length of stay prior to departure. However, travellers interested in revisiting the country before completion of two month period need to visit the Indian High Commission or Consulate in the UK to present their case for re-entry. Additionally, those planning tours to neighbouring countries may get exempted from this rule.
  • Those contemplating to catch transit flights through India need to possess a transit visa, which is generally valid for a single or double journey, within 15 days, effective from the date of issue. Transit visas are authorized for direct transits for a maximum period of three days, for more than three days transit stay, one should be mindful of obtaining an appropriate visa.


  • Britons must ensure a valid passport before hopping on their flights to India. The passport must have two blank pages and should be valid for a minimum of 180 days from the date of arrival into India.

Flight tips

  • Air India, India’s flag carrier, is one of the preferred airlines for international flights to India. The airline operates from its major hubs at Delhi and Mumbai international airports. Jet Airways, British Airways and Lufthansa are some other good choices that offer lucrative airline deals to India.
  • The international airports at Delhi and Mumbai remain the most preferred gateways to the country. Unsurprisingly, numerous airlines operate daily flights to these most popular Indian cities. These thriving cities also offer an agile connection to country’s famous tourist hotspots.
  • Apart from Delhi and Mumbai, other popular holiday destinations like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala and Goa boast state-of-the-art airports and are served by numerous international or regional carriers that offer cheap flights tickets connecting several domestic destinations.
  • April and August is considered to be the off tourism season for India travel. However, this could be the best time to net cheap flights to India.
General Health Tips
  • It is sensible to contact a GP around eight weeks before travelling to India and find out about necessary vaccinations and carry prescribed medication to last the trip. For information on reciprocal health care agreements between India and the UK (if any), one can check out the website of the National Travel Health Network and Centre.
  • No matter how much time one devotes on booking one of those cheap flights to India, getting ill can truly spoil one’s otherwise pleasant Indian holiday tour. It is sensible to drink only boiled or bottled water. Avoid consuming food items from roadside shops as they do not offer the most hygienic of eating conditions.

Local Laws

  • Drug trafficking and consumption is a criminal offence here and can attract severe penalties and punishments. There is a minimum sentence of six months for possession of small amounts. Possession of other amounts calls for a 10-year rigorous jail-sentences.
  • One must take care with hobbies involving cameras and binoculars, such as bird-watching or plane spotting. It may be misunderstood particularly near military sites, government buildings, airports and railway stations.

General Safety and Security

  • One must never leave the baggage unattended. Safeguard your passport and credit/ATM cards. Always carry a photocopy of passport, Indian visa and flight ticket separately from the originals when travelling. Avoid travelling alone in deserted places and during odd hours.
  • Beware of persistent touts who might offer help at airport, railway stations or bus terminals. Rather, take assistance from the tourist concierge desk for proper and correct advice.
  • It is advisable for women travellers to dress sensibly and modestly and avoid wearing revealing outfits, short skirts or revealing tops when taking trips to busy areas.

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