India is big in tourism as proved by number of jam-packed flights to India. The country has always found favour with travellers, however with major development and Cricket World Cup taking place this year, India is perhaps the world’s biggest attraction in 2011.

India is a vast country that is inundated with thousands of wonderful tourist attractions and spots that are capable of mesmerising all and sundry. From the mighty mountains to beautiful beaches, from vast stretches of barren desert to lush green forests and from enrapturing ancient monuments to brilliant modern architecture – tourist attractions abound the country setting travellers on a quest for flights to India.

There is no better time to visit this enigmatic country than now as India proudly marches its way through economic and social liberation. A plethora of tourists hope to grab cheap flights to India to get a piece of this emerging superpower. Post the Common Wealth Games 2010, Indian cities like Delhi have truly metamorphosed into world class metropolis with exceptional infrastructure development.


Delhi is the vivacious capital of India and has been a major tourist magnet over the years. The city’s extraordinary architectural wonders make it a wonderful stopover for those who wish to experience the country’s rich heritage and culture. Delhi was also the proud host of the Common Wealth Games 2010, which is one of the world’s biggest multi-sport events. CWG 2010 has enabled the city to present its best and the most refined facet to the rest of the world. Development has taken place all around the city with world class sports facilities being constructed and one of the globe’s finest airport terminals shaping up.

India is also co-hosting the Cricket World Cup 2011 and several international matches are going to take place in Delhi. For cricket lovers it just cannot get better than this! Plan early to land up with cheap flights to India!

Taj Mahal (Agra)

2011 or not, Taj Mahal is and will remain the biggest charm on India holidays. The white marble monument has single-handedly made Agra one of the most well-known cities around the world. The symbol of love, Taj Mahal has grown to become the iconic symbol for Indian tourism as this is one monument that is frequented most by the foreign tourists. A certified World Heritage Site, the Taj Mahal is perhaps one of the beautiful illustrations of Islamic architecture in the world. The stimulating and entertaining Taj Festival held in February is a perfect time this year to witness the glory of the monument along with generous doses of Indian culture, crafts, cuisines and lot more.


Goa is an Indian destination that just improves like old wine! Perhaps the liveliest Indian state, Goa is a big reason why people are so desperate to grab cheap airlines and travel to India. The colourful state of Goa displays a colonial heritage that reflects high Portuguese influence. Goa is a tourists’ ultimate destination for its scenic beauty, wonderful beaches, pulsating night life and delectable food. Its incredible churches and towering forts also make for great traveller attractions.


Situated in southern part of India, Kerala is a land of incredible natural beauty symbolised by azure backwaters, verdant forests and remarkable wildlife. As people get more and more health conscious, Ayurvedic holidays to Kerala get more and more hot. In 2010, the state appeared at rank one as a holiday destination in the whole of Asia in a poll conducted by Smart Travel Asia, the popular online travel magazine. No wonder number of people enquiring about Kerala tourism has gone up considerably in 2011.


Himalayas are integral past of India tourism and its dizzying beauty ensures that it remains always in the reckoning as far as top Indian attractions are concerned. The Himalayas is home to many beautiful temples that are surrounded by frozen lakes, imposing waterfalls, ski destinations, winding rivers, remarkable lush green mountain valleys and a wide variety of interesting flora and fauna.

Corbett National Park

As wildlife around the globe gets thinner, places like Corbett National Park gain prominence. Named after the world-renowned hunter-author Jim Corbett, Corbett National Park is the ideal destination for fervent naturalists who book cheap tickets on flights to India to experience the extreme natural splendours. Extending over an area of more than 520 sq km, the national park is home to a variety of mammals, birds and reptile species.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Ajanta Caves are considered the finest specimens of Buddhist art and architecture. Alluring travellers from all over the world to book cheap tickets on different airlines to India, the ancient caves feature stunning paintings on the walls and ceilings depicting the life of the Buddha. More than 30 caves reflect Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism faiths through its art and design. The postponement of the popular Ellora-Ajanta festival which was to be held in January has presented a great opportunity to the history and culture enthusiasts to plan their travel to India this year. The festival will now be mega event in November 2011.

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