North India spells pure bliss with its pictorial vistas, vibrant culture and heavenly cuisines. Quite unsurprisingly, thousands book flights to India only to get their senses assailed with the unique amalgam of charms of North Indian cities.

With picture perfect beauty, kaleidoscopic culture, incredibly arresting wildlife, panoramic landscapes, devout spirituality, unique gastronomic affair and dollops of fun activities – North India simply spellbinds with breathtakingly unique experiences!

Be it the pictorial beauty of Haridwar, spiritual buzz of Amritsar, modern glitter of Delhi, erstwhile glory of Agra and sublime serenity of Rishikesh – holiday breaks to North India are sure to bewilder even the most discerning of tourists hopping on one of those cheap flights to India. Be it culture vultures, history buffs, naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts or adventurous souls, the breathtakingly mesmerizing beauty of every city of the region is sure to leave a lasting impression! Take a quick tour of five dazzling North Indian gems that make flights to India immensely popular.


Welcome to Haridwar, the gateway to God, a pious town that bustles with devout ashrams and tranquil temples, beautiful flowers and heavenly fragrances, quaint folklores, learned saints, staunch devotees and divinely deities. Attractively nestled on the bank of River Ganges, Haridwar offers utmost spiritual ecstasy! No wonder, tourists are often to be seen in a mad scramble for tickets on cheap flights to India for a spiritual quest to Haridwar!

 Touted to be one of the oldest living cities in India, Haridwar remains a quiet and quaint destination. Peppered with countless tranquil temples, this pious city dazzles the senses with an array of infinite sightseeing gems, becharming shopping scene and astonishing wildlife sanctuaries! A holiday tour to this picture perfect town is sure to evoke an ethereal feel!


Famous as the international capital of yoga and meditation, Rishikesh is a famous spiritual destination beautifully snuffled on the bank of River Ganges and is flanked by cloud-kissing Shivalik ranges! Though immensely famous for its heart-warming religious connections, this ‘place of sages’ is an ideal travel destination for tourists and pilgrims willing to delve deep into meditation and yoga. It comes as no surprise that the city sees streams of visitors who buy airline tickets on flights to India for spiritual quest.

Rishikesh lures with its unique brand of charms that conjures nostalgia and bliss in the heart. It comes as no surprise that even the famous Beatles’ could not make an escape from the charmingly bewitching experiences of this virtuous town. Be it an adventure freak looking to get high on adrenaline, a spiritually inclined person in pursuit of divine serenity, nature lovers desirous of incredible wildlife or those simply willing to get their senses assailed with nature’s bounty – everyone who spends on travel deals to Rishikesh is sure to have a good time!


With devout spirituality, divine purity, resolute devotion, vibrant culture, revered hospitality, traditional lifestyle, picturesque landscapes, rich historical inheritance and a glorious past – Amritsar embraces heavenly powers that promise to turn even an atheist into keen devotee! The sacred city is home to the highly revered ‘Golden Temple’ built by a sacred pool which gives the city its name and makes for a stunning sight to behold. No wonder, hordes of devout pilgrims and holidaymakers remain on lookout for cheap flights and accommodation deals for Amritsar.

Those looking to decorate their mantelpieces with an authentic slice of Amritsar can go treasure hunting amongst the hullabaloo of the people to find the perfect souvenir in the local markets! Epicureans descending on the soil of Amritsar get greeted with the heavenly aroma of uniquely Indian cuisines sure to tantalise their taste buds.



Delhi, the seat of power and glory in India, is a world famous tourist hotspot. The cultural conundrum, jumble of vernaculars, kaleidoscopic charms, neon-lit nightlife, delectable menu of tantalizing cuisines and animatedly bewitching nightlife – an exotic cocktail of all this and much more blend together to make this megalopolis even more captivating and fascinating.

With dollops of fun activities, awe-inspiring modern marvels and mighty ancient remnants, a quick break to this amazingly stunning metropolis is enough to inspire awe with its intriguing brand of unique charm. Unsurprisingly, numerous airlines transport countless India lovers oncheap flights to Delhi several times a week.


Renowned worldwide for the legendary Taj Mahal, symbol of true love, Agra is city worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Though, the city is synonymous with the majestic Taj Mahal, it boasts quite a few other magnificent monuments as well. Some of the most prominent ones include Agra Fort, Jehangir’s Palace, and the tomb of Akbar. A momentous break to the city is a treat not only for the eyes but also to the senses.

 Woven with ancient tombs, historic monuments and ancient remnants, Agra is a city that reflects the real tone of India’s erstwhile glory! Beyond the chance to untie the ancient knots, the aroma of delicious cuisines and warren of bazaars is enough to spell a perennial bliss.

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