Goa is a popular beach destination of India. The smallest Indian province attracts tourists in hordes, with many of them being repeat tourists. However, first time visitors may want to know more about the place and they could have some valid and common questions that need to be answered.


Goa is India’s premier holiday destination. Hundred thousands of foreign tourists, and especially Britons, can be found looking for air tickets to the Indian province, every year. The beach destination’s major USP is its extreme affordability; the liberal dose of cultural and historical inheritance comes close second! However, for first time travellers this Indian destination may pose a few common concerns. Below, we try to answer the most common queries related to holidays in Goa.

Q. Which all airlines operate London Heathrow to Goa flights? Are non-stop flights available on the route?

Ans. A number of airline options are available for those seeking air tickets on LHR-Goa route; some of the major ones are Air India, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways and Etihad. Carriers such as Air France also sell tickets for the route but it usually runs a segment of the journey in collaboration with an Indian carrier. Direct, non-stop flights are not available, and flights are usually routed via Indian hubs like Mumbai and Delhi.

Q. What transport options are available after arrival in Goa?

Ans. Goa is a busy tourist destination and authorities in the state have ensured that tourists who land at the airport have different means of transportation to move to key parts of the province. Taxi, undoubtedly, is the best alternative for foreign tourists as it is quick, convenient and safe. A taxi ride from the airport to Panjim city centre would take around 45 minutes and is likely to cost you 1000 Indian Rupees. Bus services to Panjim are also frequent but not many first-time tourists opt for it as it can be tediously long ride.

Q. What sort of accommodation choices is available in Goa?

Ans. Goa is replete with hotels. Tourists will not be required to toil hard to find a hotel/resort those appeals to their fancy. The best thing about the place is the unbelievable diversity it offers in terms of room rates. From Rs 500 a night to Rs 10, 000 a night, every kind of accommodation choice is offered to guests.

Q. What factors should be kept in mind before booking hotels?

Ans. Picking a hotel in Goa could be a tricky choice and that is because of the problem of plenty. Budget, of course, is the primary concern for most vacationers who have pocketed flight tickets and now wish an apt lodging. Also, the location of the property needs to be looked at. Most tourists usually opt for hotels around the top beaches like Calungate and Baga. Of course, they make the best bets for revellers whose only concern in the state is to have party. There is also a segment of tourists, though admittedly not very big, which likes their choice of stay to be in and around the city centre. This allows them easy access to all sorts of facilities, be it heath related or fine dining. However, one must understand that no prominent beach is located within few kilometres of the town.

Q. Is Goa safe for tourists?

Ans. Goa is easily among the safest Indian destinations. The tourist-infested province of India is pretty safe and the locals usually don’t bother the visitors. Still, it is better to exercise basic safety precautions like travelling in groups during the night and not flaunting too much wealth. Females should restrict their beach wear to beaches only.

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