There are few important points that must be kept in mind by travellers who are booking flights to India in summer. India is a hot country and in the peak of summers it can be tough for the rovers coming from colder climates.

If there is one city that truly reflects the utter complexities, charming multiplicities and vivid luminosities of India, it is the delightful Delhi! This incredible city opens up to the tourists like a book – a book that carefully and meticulously narrates down the history of the country, with each chapter drenching the readers in the shades of brilliance!

Rich historical legacy, reflected in its many towering monuments; a cultural bonhomie, reflected in the warmth of the locals; and a mass of contemporary entrapments, seen in the city’s massive malls and pulsating night spots – Delhi surely knows how to delight!

Summers in Delhi

It is no surprise that Delhi remains the starting point for most tourists taking flights to India. It would be hard to argue that Delhi is best visited in winters as the climatic conditions are more suitable to outdoor sightseeing during these cooler months of the year. But it is also true that cheap flights to India are really hard to come by in this peak tourist season and those with ‘not so deep pockets’ will find it hard to come up with a budget that allows them a carte blanche on their holiday break in the city!

Delhi summers, though often feared as harsh, can actually offer a chance to the tourists to revel in the pleasure of the land that continues to baffle! And of course there is the major lure of cheap flights to the city that are available easily during summers. For tourists who are willing to take a plunge and are willing to immerse themselves in the heat of this city, here are few tips!

  • Let this be mentioned at the very forefront that Delhi heat is not exaggerated and the temperatures do touch 45 C in peak of summers. Summer starts from April and extends up to August, and it surely offers some health risks to travel buffs.
  • Tourists from colder climates, like those from the UK, can find Delhi a bit tricky to cope up with in the hot weather. Hot winds that blow all across North India can cause heat strokes and sunburn, therefore it is prudent for the visiting travellers to be well-prepared before boarding flights to Delhi. Sun-screen lotion is one ‘must have’ item that can really come in handy for the tourists. Sun glasses and hats are other tools to beat the heat on Delhi tour.
  • Dehydration is another major factor that can bring scowls on the faces of tourists on Delhi holidays. Dehydration is an issue not only for visitors who grab airline tickets to the city but even for locals of the region! One is advised to drink lots of water and to take in other fluids to avoid such situations. However, tourists are highly recommended to drink only filtered or mineral bottled water. Avoid fresh juices and other such drinks that are available at street side joints. For juices and soft drinks, it is best to stick to well-known and reputed products. It is often seen that the so called ‘fresh juices’ in small, roadside stalls can be actually unsafe as they are mostly prepared in unhygienic environment.
  • Eating right is another way to ensure pleasant holidays. While it holds true for every day of the year in India, in summers it becomes all the more important to pay attention to such issues. Don’t just randomly pick a place to eat. Opt for a restaurant that is renowned to offer clean and hygienic food. While not all travel buffs who visit Delhi can have a lunch or dinner at a five star hotel, there are many eating joints in the city that are reasonably affordable and serve safe and delicious food. For the extra judicious, it is best to avoid non-vegetarian items as the quality of the same can be a bit dodgy in cheap places.
  • Mosquitoes can be the biggest irritants on Delhi tour in summer as they spread diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue fever. Tourists can opt for mosquito repellents, which are easily available in the market, and can try to avoid places that seem unhealthy and unhygienic.
  • Tourists would do well to opt for hotels with air-conditioned rooms as Delhi heat can be too hot to bear with just a fan. One can make a little more effort in procuring tickets on cheap flights to India to save money than to subject oneself to city’s atrocious weather in a bid to operate within budget.
  • Clothing is another concern for people travelling to India from colder climates. In the hot and humid summer months of Delhi, it doesn’t make much sense to bring in woollens. Opt for light, casual and ‘airy’ clothes that let you breathe! For females, it is important to not to dress too provocatively in public. Short skirts and tops must be avoided while roaming around. Pack in some jeans and T shirts for comfortable sightseeing. Avoid synthetic clothes as it can cause skin allergy or heat burns, given the heat.

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