Delhi offers every essential ingredient required to make for a perfect vacation! However, tourists on flights to India connecting Delhi who crave thrill and excitement may flock to nearby wildlife getaways to experience a never before exhilaration!

Dazzling Delhi boasts an exotic cocktail of diverse cultures, quaint traditions, ancient wonders and flamboyant modernity, such that this sparkling and vivacious city has become a well-known name in the world.

Though India is full of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, those located in close proximity to Delhi remain the biggest draw for tourists taking flights to India. In fact, the city is a quick gateway to the wildlife that every tourist envisages – fearsome animals roaming in the deciduous forests and incredible floral beauty assailing the senses! Take a quick tour of some of the most popular wildlife getaways located in close proximity to Delhi that have prompted many airlines to operate cheap flights to India, several times a week.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Located at around 180 km from Delhi, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary conjures up images of exotic and rare birds snuggling and chirping around. An erstwhile hunting ground for the Maharajas and Kings of the bygone era, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary attracts ornithologists from across the borders tempting them to look for airline deals to India for wildlife breaks! This premier avifauna sanctuary abounds around 230 rare and colourful birds including cranes, hawks, pelicans, geese, shanks, ducks, eagles, warblers, stints, wagtails, buntings, wheatears, flycatchers, larks, pipits!

Apart from astonishing birds one can also get lucky to spot rare animal species like golden jackal, striped hyena, fishing cat, blackbuck and wild boars here. Besides being home to migratory birds and amazing animals, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary abounds though-provoking charms like Bharatpur government Museum, Lohagarh Fort and Deeg Palace. In fact, owing to the abundance of pictorial ancient ruins housed here, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary ranks high in the chart of UNSECO heritage sites!

Corbett National Park

Snuggled in close proximity to Delhi, Corbett National Park sprawls over a humongous area in the hilly state of Uttarakhand! Immensely famous for housing the endangered Indian tigers, Corbett National Park swarms with dozens of other interesting wildlife species like fearsome leopards, wild elephants, wild boars, mahseer fish, the endangered gharials, mugger crocodiles to name a few.

Corbett National Park has long been the favoured destination for holidaymakers who travel to India. Elephant safaris perhaps remain the best ways to explore Corbett National Park! One of the best ways to explore Corbett National Park’s overwhelming charm is atop an elephant’s back! Yet another good way to explore the panoramic landscapes and see animals in their natural habitat is on a jeep tour. Corbett National Park is definitely worth a visit for those who crave entertainment and adventure.

Sariska National Park

Nestled amidst the cloud-kissing Aravali ranges, Sariska National Park is the closest wildlife getaways from Delhi! The park is an absolutely not to be missed attractions during one’s India holidays. Quite unsurprisingly, almost every traveller buying tickets on flights to India adds Sariska on their travel itineraries. The dry deciduous forests of this ‘Tiger Gate of Rajasthan’ are the playground of the endangered Indian tigers.

Besides impressively fearsome big cats, this park teems with various other fauna species like wild boars, chital, hyena, jackals and langurs! Apart from astounding animal species, one can spot numerous bird species like crested hawkeagle, goldenback, woodpecker, pied kingfisher and lapwings here. Though Sariska National Park is a treasure trove of glamorously bewitching flora and fauna, infinite sightseeing marvels like temples of Neelkanth and the fort of Kankanwadi dot the park!

Ranthambore National Park

Dotted with lakes and ponds, Ranthambore National Park tempts visitors to look for travel deals to flock here and imbibe a fascinating cocktail of glorious past and sublime serenity! With pictorial landscapes and bewitching flora and fauna, the park is perhaps the most suited place for wildlife photography! Besides being home to majestic tigers and leopards, the park also abounds wild boars, dholes and chitals amongst a host of other species!

An array of ancient monuments and forts of the bygone era are peppered throughout the park, which add to its mysticism and exoticness! Ranthambore National Park pleasingly shocks its visitors with a unique blend of nature, history and wildlife! With wild beasts roaming around, panoramic landscapes and a gamut of ancient charmers – Ranthambore National Park is one reason that makes tourists hunt down tickets on cheap flights to India.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to enrapturing flora and fauna, the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary proves to be an indescribable treat for most travellers on their India holidays. Most visitors who flock here often get lucky enough to catch at least one glimpse of some of the most amazing animal species like leopards, wild boars, monkeys, Himalayan black bears, Indian red fox, jackals, pine martens and porcupines roaming freely in this enchanting park!

Besides the incredibly bewitching fauna and glamorous floral beauty, the unparalleled pictorial vistas of the snow-clad Himalayas from Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary make this park an absolutely must visit for those planning wildlife breaks to India!

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