Booking flights to India for shoulder season travel spells great savings for budget travellers. It’s the time of the year that brings in considerable economies for flights and hotels, and also ensures a rewarding experience due to pleasant India weather.

Shoulder Season

With reference to travel, the peak, low as well as shoulder seasons are governed by the seasonality of a destination as the primary factor. The term shoulder season may sound less familiar to the uninitiated travellers but it works very well for one and all on budget holidays to India or any other destination. Shoulder season means the season at the end of expensive peak season, right before the start of cheap low season. Shoulder season ensures best of both worlds; it is a time when one can lay hands on cheap flight tickets and cheap stay at fairly good hotels, plus, the climate is pleasant during this time to take on various outdoor activities.

Shoulder Season Months in India

The spring months of March into April and the autumn month of September into October are the shoulder months when budget travellers can make way to India and can have a whale of a time with considerably low holiday cost. Shoulder season falls twice in a year; when there is a withdrawal of tourists (start of low season) and when the vacationers start flocking (at the start of high seasons).

Reasons for Cheap Flight Tickets

Most holidaymakers plan holidays to India for high season (beginning from October to February). The demand and supply forces result in airlines fares going on an upward spiral. Alternatively, during low season, the air carriers reduce the prices owing to less demand and high supply of seats. Shoulder season is a time when none of the pressures of demand and supply are at extreme and strike a reasonable balance. During shoulder season, right before peak season, the airlines continue to sell seats at low season prices before announcing their peak season expensive fares. Similarly, as the peak season gradually plunges into low season, the airlines are forced to bring in discounts on flights to India to continue to attract the last wave of tourists for making some quick buck before the India holiday demand touches its lowest.

Reasons for Cheap Hotels

The progressive weakening of India peak travel season results in a gradual decrease in the foot fall or the number of guests in every hotel. Before the demand of rooms eventually dies down due to the weather conditions becoming quite discouraging for the tourists, the hotels in India or any destination dish out great deals to lure tourists and make the best of the last few weeks before the low season sets in. These deals could be as lucrative as free upgrade to half board, pay less stay more, complimentary offers on activities etc.

Those taking cheap flights to India during shoulder season have often been found to bag incredibly cheap deals with some of the luxury or mid segment hotels.

Weather Defines High and Low Travel Seasons

Low Season ensures cheap holiday costs but cuts down the fun factor. Onset of summer (from May until July) and the following monsoon months (July to September) is what results into low season in India. During this time holidaymakers taking flights to India have to face extreme weather conditions with scorching heat and high humidity.

The reasonably pleasant weather during shoulder season – month(s) immediately before and after the summer and monsoon months – elates the spirits of scores of budget conscious travellers. March to April and September are the months when holidaymakers travelling on cheap flights can visit most of the destinations in South as well as North India. There is no humidity and the weather is conducive for most outdoor activities. As the temperature doesnot show huge variation, a tour to Rajasthan or Delhi, which feature extreme heat during summers in India, turns out to be truly rewarding – without burning a hole in the pocket!

Luckily, peak winter months (December end until January) with chilly cold wave and sometimes extremely dense fog in many tourist destinations in India do not pose such an extreme threat to holidays in India.

Why Book During Shoulder Season

    • Cheap flights to India abound the internet and travel agencies; truly cheap hotel deals can be bagged even with some four star hotels.
    • A pleasant weather to indulge in most outdoor activities.
    • Hotels are less occupied which means more attention for guests during this time.
    • Tourist spots are less crowded ensuring an unhurried exploration.
    • A wide choice of destination across the country to pick from is available.
  • Many destinations contrast more than one season and exude unique appeal.

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