Solo Travelling is decidedly an onerous task for women globetrotters hopping onto flights to India. However, all the travelling troubles can be easily overcome by being mindful of some essential tips that sprinkle joy, safety and bliss to one’s trip.

With unparalleled natural splendour, diverse culture, jovial festivals and amiable denizens, India has become a leading destination frequented by millions of holidaymakers. However, there are certain ills that restrain vacationers to hit the country especially women travellers who undergo lot of troubles like eve teasing, stalking, and molestation.

It is imperative for every female globetrotter to stay cautious and be aware of some essential facts to avert unfortunate situations. Peruse the worthwhile tips and get the value for money spent onflights to India.

Go for Correct Clothing

Dressing appropriately is a valuable mantra that can go a long way in having safe and hassle free travel for women in India. Avoid wearing revealing clothes while roaming around the streets, markets and bazaars. Try to wear the local clothing like long tunics, loose pants and trousers. Since western clothes are still not acceptable in villages, you can also stick to traditional clothes like salwar kameez that can be easily bought off from any local market.

Stay away from Strangers

Make sure to keep away from strangers especially men you meet in buses, markets and trains as informal conversation with them may lead to unwanted circumstances. Try not to make conversations with unknown people and if someone does, then keep it minimal and shun sharing of personal information. Nevertheless, you can befriend with Indian women and can share cordial relations but at the same time be careful about the motives of other persons.

Keep your Documents Safe

It is absolutely must for every traveller booking cheap flights to India to keep the necessary documents safely. You can lock the passport, airline tickets and other documents at the hotel. Wear the money belt and always keep some cash, photocopy of passport, a credit or debit card and travellers check.

Be confident

Try to stay confident while moving out. You should act as if you know the place and where you are heading to. Keep your head high and voice firm while walking since it helps in averting unfortunate situations and makes you appear surefooted instead of an easy target. Be prepared about those fixed look with eyes open wide and never feel jittery while travelling.

 Keep an Eye on Your Belongings
There have been several cases of pickpockets and theft in India. Female globetrotters bagging tickets on cheap flights to India must avoid carrying valuables like cash or gold jewellery with themselves. Try not to flaunt the ornaments and excessive cash and never try to access your money belt in public place.

Be Mindful of Local Culture

India is undoubtedly a conservative country where touching between opposite sex in public is considered as unusual and offensive. Hand-shaking is not acceptable at some places, so simple say “Namaste” while greeting others. Always read local newspaper as it helps one in getting clear knowledge of the surroundings. It is a best way to stay updated with events happening around you.

 Stay in Touch with Family
An extremely important thing is to stay in touch with your family. Regularly call your family and friends and tell them about your lodging place and people travelling with you. Apart from this, it creates a sense of security and averts the lonely feeling.
 Travel Light
Make sure to pack light. Trains and buses are the common modes of transport in India and with light bags it will be easy for you to travel conveniently and quickly. Carry only two bags – a bigger one for clothes and a smaller bag for keeping essentials like camera, lip balm, tissues, pen, journal and titbits. Opt for a roll-aboard bag that can be converted into a backpack or go for handbag made of slash-proof material and strap.
 Stay Healthy
Get health insurance coverage before travelling on flights to India. Pack all the necessary medicines and carry a doctor’s prescription. Staying safe and healthy is absolutely must for fully enjoying the holidays. Eat well-cooked food and try to resist that yummy-looking street food. Always carry a purified water bottle and shun drinking tap water.
 Maintain Safety and Security
Safety and security are two inevitable elements for happy holidays. One must stay alert and aware of the people around them. Make sure to avoid travelling at night and jaunting isolated places that may lead to unpredictable outcomes. If you are in mood to experience the city’s nightlife then do go, but with some male companion. Try not to indulge in excessive drinking and other sort of illegal activities.
 Choose a Safe Hotel

Choosing a fitting and reliable hotel is highly important for solo traveller. Advance booking of the flights and hotel rooms are recommendable for women travellers. It is better to go for family hotel over solitary hotels in isolated places and properly check the rules and regulations of the hotel. A safe lodging place debars unwanted situations like eve teasing and sexual harassments. Ask the hotel staff to escort you while moving around the hotel at odd hours.

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