With its myriads of attractions, India has been a traditional charmer for leisure vacationers. However, India is now scoring even in the fields of education and health tourism, compelling people to book flights to India.

India, the ancient land of riveting cultures and raging colours, features high on the priority list of every traveller who seeks a rendezvous with something extraordinary! Loads of keen vacationers look to book flights to India in order to greet the scintillating melange of traditional and modern.

Like an ocean brimming with countless pearls, India is bursting at its seams with incredible lures and innumerable attractions. Historical marvels abound in the country and so do contemporary spectacles. Exquisite natural beauty appeals to the rovers and so do the vivacious nightlife! One really is never short of excuses to make bookings on flights to India. However, with the rapid industrialisation and developing infrastructure in India, other forms of tourism are now engulfing a travel buff’s fantasy.

What better place to soak yourself in the colours of education and enrichment than the one that inspired great minds like Albert Einstein! People from all corners of the world are considering India for their educational tours. By opting to study in India, one is not only adding to his educational merits but is also augmenting knowledge on the vibrant Indian history and culture!

Apart from being a massively luring holiday destination, India is renowned for its efficient and strong educational system that offers a wide variety of instructive platforms for the students. But what really makes India stand out among others is the fact that short term courses offered in Indian universities and other institutions command a very nominal fee. Compared to universities in other countries, Indian universities are very affordable and thus attract heaps of foreigners be a part of the celebrated Indian educational system.

Usage of standardized English in learning institutions is another major reason that has led to the burgeoning of educational tourism in India. English and American students who do not wish to spend a fortune on their education will India the apt choice for furthering their learning agenda.

Experts believe that student exchange programs too add to the popularity of the Indian tourism in the field of education and learning. Most Indian universities organise student exchange programs, welcoming students from all parts of the globe and offering them a closer perspective of the mother of all cultures!

Course Options & Variety

One of India’s top universities, the Delhi University is perhaps the most ideal choice for the knowledge seekers who wish to remain in the centre of things. The university is a big hit even among the local students and is known to offer cheap courses in a virtual flood of subject areas. Sanskrit language, Indian economy, Indian philosophy and culture, and classical music are some of the popular courses among foreign students not only in Delhi University but other institutions also. These courses shed light on varied aspects of Indian culture and history, inundating tourists with information on the variegated facets of Indian culture!

Educational tourism in India is not restrained to books and classrooms. One can even undertakeeducational tours in India to enhance his quest for knowledge. From historical and cultural expedition, to wildlife and ecology excursion, from spiritual and pilgrimage trips, educational tours to India can cloak a variety of interests!

Medical Tourism

Indian education system is not the only thing that is grabbing eyeballs, the Indian health care scene is also creating ripples all over world. In fact, it would not be too off the beam to suggest that the popularity of India’s medical tourism even outshines that of country’s educational tourism!

The lure of incredible set of health services at a fraction of price is what that tempts individuals to book cheap flights to India. Treatment costs in India are fairly low, especially when one takes into account the exorbitant charges that are demanded by hospitals in countries like UK and USA. Favourable foreign exchange rates ensure that cheap flight to India is not only ‘cheap’ thing that people are going to enjoy on their tour!

Even accommodation options are extremely economical and add no considerable burden on the pockets of the patient or his family. And as in the case of educational tourism, the prevalence of English language adds to the popularity of health tourism in India too.

India’s health care infrastructure is highly modernised and promise the best of services to the visiting patients. Latest equipment and highly skilled staff are the hallmarks of big, private health care centres in metros like New Delhi and Mumbai. Besides the common and complicated health treatments, India attracts people contemplating cosmetic surgery. Thousands of patients grab flight tickets to India just to give a boost to their looks, persona and self-confidence by opting for cosmetic surgeries and that too affordably.

Apart from modern health care facilities, patients travelling to India can also try out natural therapies like ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy and yoga programs.

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