Over the years, India has emerged as one of the most compelling destinations for eco friendly tours. No wonder, throngs of tourists book flights to India to partake in the best of eco friendly activities like ayurvedic treatments, meditation and yoga.

Eco-tourism or responsible travel literally translates to eco-friendly tours and activities to the destinations rich in natural heritage. Ecotourism is just all about embracing and admiring nature’s raw beauty. With numerous turquoise beaches, soothing backwaters, cloud-kissing snow capped mountains, verdant valleys, exotic flora and fauna, incredible wildlife sanctuaries and national parks and plethora of eco-friendly activities, eco-friendly holidays in India remain the best way to rejuvenate ones mind, body and soul.

Over the years, India has been one of the foremost ecotourism destinations across the globe. The stunning enigma of superb eco-friendly tourism spots of India are certainly worth all the scuffles one goes through while booking flights to India. Here is a smattering of some sought-after eco-friendly activities that immensely add to the popularity of cheap flights to India.


India is widely known throughout the world for Ayurveda, an alternate healing system completely in conjunction with nature. This ancient Indian medical science imbibes suggestions and remedies for both healthy and diseased people. Ayurveda does not simply rely upon administering drugs but suggests a holistic approach towards health by focusing upon the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. No wonder, Ayurveda has slowly and gradually become a rage across the globe, such that an increasing number of tourists are spending on flights to India to undergo and experience the magic of Ayurveda. The country is crammed full with Ayurveda centres. Many Ayurveda centres happen to be located in popular Indian destinations. This makes one’s cheap flight to India all the worthier as along with experiencing this enigmatic ancient healing therapies, visitors also get to explore some of the hottest tourist attractions.


Meditation is an eco-friendly way to treat the body, mind and soul! Meditation leads to peace and serenity. Since time immemorial, India has been known for saints and sages who attained divine enlightenment (nirvana) through meditation. It is practiced in various styles like concentrating on an image, chanting or regulatory breathing. The regular practice of meditation gives inner peace and physical well being by curing diseases pertaining to stress, tension, anxiety and frustration. The practise also tends to improve memory and concentration.

As a result of the popularity of Meditation in India, millions plan India holidays to practise meditation amongst the natural beauty. Some of the famous Meditation centres in India are located in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Varanasi and Nashik.


Yoga is a positive way of life! Yoga is an ancient methodology aimed at the well being of the mind, body and soul dating back to thousands of years in India. Over the years, different variations and styles have been added to the discipline by different saints, sages and experts. It would no exaggeration to say that the world has more or less stimulated to the wonders of the ancient Indian wisdom of yoga.

This enigmatic country is perhaps the best place in the world to learn and practise yoga. No wonder, an ever increasing number of travellers are happily spending their money on tickets to India to gain more information on yoga. There is absolutely no dearth of places for learning yoga in India. Rishikesh, the spiritual city, happens to be the Yoga capital of India. Other prominent places are Chennai and Kerala.

Spa’s of Kerala

Although, there are numerous Indian states that attract travellers interested in ecotourism, Kerala perhaps is one state that is leading the flock. One of the best eco-tourism destinations in the world, Kerala entrances millions with its mesmerizing spas. The eternal magic of stunning eco-tourism spots finely blended with myriad of rejuvenating spas ideally makes for a soothing backdrop to unwind.

Bedazzling spas of Kerala offer stupendous ayurvedic treatments and relaxing yoga and meditation sessions that detox and de-stress even the most jaded of all travellers.

The ambience oozing environ and breathtaking serenity here transport one to a land of sheer tranquillity and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul! Brilliant Spas of Kerala feature a diverse range of facial and body treatments as well as massages. Those travelling with eco-friendly pursuits to enjoy the astounding ambience of Kerala may easily find a host of airlines offering flights to Kerala.


Camping at one of the heavenly destinations amidst the natural scenic beauty remains a coveted dream of many. India, with its widely varied topography, remains one of the most sought after camping destinations across the globe.

While most of the adventurers flock to the panoramic mountain lands of Himachal for camping, others with a penchant for wildlife enjoy the outdoor wildlife camping in Nainital and Corbett. Chitrauli is yet another bountiful destination with exotic flora and fauna and offers plenty of opportunities to visitors to partake in their favourite leisure activities. Some of the prominent amongst the Indian camping destinations are Garhwal, Kumaon, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Chilla, Corbett National Park, and Kaudiyala.

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