Champions Trophy 2013 will begin on June 6, 2013 in England. Eight of the world’s finest teams will be participating in the event that will go on till the 23rd of June and is sure to offer a cracker of a time to the sports lovers around the world.

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Cricket Back to its English Roots!

ICC Champions Trophy 2013: Cricket Back to its English Roots!

It is a sort of homecoming for the game of cricket as the next international cricketing extravaganza comes to the English soil. ICC 2013 Champions Trophy is all set to create furore and churn out a frenzy that is now-a-days usually associated with this ‘erstwhile gentleman’s game’! Eight of the world’s best teams will take the ground and fight tooth and nail for the coveted championship that rolls out on 6th June 2013.

Matches and Teams

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 will consist of 15 ODI matches played between 8 teams hosted at three venues in England and Wales. The participating teams include India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, South Africa, West Indies and New Zealand. The tournament will come to end on Jun 23, 2013. It will be a series of One Day Internationals and is certain to promise a sort of sporting feast that has been absent from the international cricket since the 2011 World Cup. The first match of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 is to be played between India and South Africa at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. Complete schedule of all matches is given below.

Battle of Bigs!

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 can well be called the ‘battle of the bigs’ as no cricketing minnow would be taking part in this tournament. For the English cricket fans, it is a chance to egg on their team to win the trophy that has eluded them so far. It is time for the Barmy Army to get behind their national side. And with hundreds of fans from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan getting tickets on flights to England to cheer for their home team, rest assured a carnival-like atmosphere is sure to envelope this great old country!

Extensive Coverage

The action starts in less than a week now.  All those who booked their flights tickets as well as tickets to the matches in advance have been waiting eagerly to be a part of the event. And fans who missed their chance to advance-book their flights to witness the action live needn’t disappoint. They can enjoy the matches from the comfort of their homes with ICC Champions Trophy broadcast reaching out to a staggering audience of 1.5 billion across the world. However, with the sport enjoying great popularity among its fans, it’s no wonder that airlines, travel agents and ICC Champion’s Trophy websites will receive countless enquiries for last minute tickets on flights as well as tickets for the matches from scores of true blue cricket fans!

ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Schedule

The 8 teams are divided into two groups. Here is the Champions Trophy 2013 Schedule, available with full fixtures and time table:

Date GMT Match Details Venue
6-Jun 9:30 1st ODI Group B : India vs South Africa Cardiff
7-Jun 9:30 2nd ODI Group B : Pakistan vs West Indies London
8-Jun 9:30 3rd ODI Group A : England vs Australia Birmingham
9-Jun 9:30 4th ODI Group A : New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Cardiff
10-Jun 12:00 5th ODI Group B : Pakistan vs South Africa Birmingham
11-Jun 9:30 6th ODI Group B : India vs West Indies London
12-Jun 9:30 7th ODI Group A : Australia vs New Zealand Birmingham
13-Jun 12:00 8th ODI Group A : England vs Sri Lanka London
14-Jun 9:30 9th ODI Group B : South Africa vs West Indies Cardiff
15-Jun 9:30 10th ODI Group B : India vs Pakistan Birmingham
16-Jun 9:30 11th ODI Group A : England vs New Zealand Cardiff
17-Jun 12:00 12th ODI Group A : Australia vs Sri Lanka London
19-Jun 9:30 1st Semi Final ODI TBC vs TBC London
20-Jun 9:30 2nd Semi Final ODI TBC vs TBC Cardiff
23-Jun 9:30 Final ODI TBC vs TBC Birmingham


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