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Summer holidays are an occasion that people look forward to all year round and are the perfect opportunity to escape everyday life, relax and unwind. Summer holidays can come in all shapes and sizes so it can be a bit of a whirlwind trying to figure out what type of holiday you want to go on, where you want to go and the activities you want to enjoy when you’re there. In this guide, we offer some tips and tricks to help you pick the perfect summer holiday.


So, whether you’re looking for London to Delhi flights, Dubai all-inclusive holidays or just want a little bit of inspiration in the planning stage, then carry on reading.


How to pick your perfect summer holiday:


  • Narrow down your choice of locations
  • Think about your family’s requirements
  • Choose your board-type
  • Do some research beforehand
  • Make a list of things you want to do and see


Narrow down your choice of locations


If you don’t have an idea of where you want to go on your upcoming holiday, one of the first things to do is narrow down your pool of locations. Try to think about what you want from your holiday, do you want warmer climes, adventure, or a location in which you can enjoy activities and time with the kids? If you’re looking for a location that offers more tropical temperatures then why not consider Mauritius, Abu Dhabi or Bali, to name just a few?


If long and relaxed walks, historical tours and a chance to immerse yourself in local is more what you’re after, then look no further than Jamaica, Italy and Greece. Locations like Orlando, Australia, Tenerife and Canada all offer a plethora of choices for families looking to get away to make some magical memories.


Think about your family’s requirements


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If you’re planning to go on a family holiday this summer, then it is worth considering your children’s requirements and the type of location that will keep them entertained. If your children are small, then thinking about activities might not be as much of an issue, but for toddlers and older children, you may want to find a resort that has a play area and child-friendly pools to keep them entertained, as well as a good array of evening entertainment. This is a tip that Kate from the blog Refined Prose also reiterated, commenting:


One of the most important considerations when planning a holiday is what is actually going to make it feel like a break. And this will mean different things to different people, depending upon circumstances. For example, those with young families often talk about how a holiday is simply parenting in a different environment (largely true!). For parents, choosing a destination with access to childcare might be crucial. On the other hand, those holidaying without children might prefer to find a location with fewer kids and more calm – or excitement if that’s what floats your boat. Whatever your situation, it’s well worth investing a little bit of time thinking about how to get the most bang for your buck. Whether that means creating family memories, enjoying exhilarating experiences, or simply kicking back and relaxing.”


Choose your board-type


If you want to totally unwind and relax, then opting for an all-inclusive holiday is a great way to take the worry out of meals and is often a more cost-effective option. Half board is also a great option for those that want to enjoy drinks and snacks around the resort but want to experience local cuisine and restaurant recommendations. On the other end of the spectrum, you could choose a self-catering option that allows you complete freedom to eat and drink whatever and whenever you like.


Many families choose the all-inclusive option so they know that the whole family is catered for all at one time and there will often be a choice and preference to suit all tastebuds.


Do some research beforehand


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If you think you have come to a conclusion on which location you would like to choose, then it is always wise to do some research on the best areas to visit, the hotels and their reviews and what is around for you to enjoy. Photos can be deceiving, so looking at reviews on a hotel is the best way to get a great idea of what it is really like to stay there.


If you’ve chosen a resort, then do a little research on the location it is in, if you love heading out and about, you want to make sure your hotel is in more of a central location to accommodate your needs. If seclusion is more your thing, then you can also consider this when doing research.


Make a list of things you want to do and see


Once you’ve chosen where you want to go on holiday, it is now time to think about what you want to do on your holiday and this will totally depend on the type of holiday you have chosen, where you are going and if you’re planning to go with children.


It is always worth booking excursions before your holiday, not only to save money but to save time and stress once you’re away. If you’ve booked a beach getaway, then why not consider doing some water sports like paddle-boarding, snorkelling or jet skiing, or if relaxation is more your thing, book some treatments at the hotel’s spa. Making a bucket list of places you want to visit, sights you want to see and any restaurants you want to experience is a lovely way to plan your days.


If you’re thinking of planning your next holiday or getaway, then hopefully this guide has given you a little inspiration on how to choose the perfect summer holiday for you. Head over to our news page for more articles like this.

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