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A warm-weather holiday is a great experience for all of the family. Enjoying the sunshine, being able to don your holiday best and taking in stunning sunrises and sunsets. However, when you travel to a hot country, it can be difficult to adjust to the increase in heat. If you are planning your summer holiday and want to travel to a hotter country, but are worried about how your children will cope with the heat, read on to discover our simple tips for keeping them cool.


Ensure they stay hydrated


This first and most important tip is to ensure your children stay hydrated. We all know that keeping on top of drinking water is essential in the heat, but it can be hard for little ones to remember this so making sure you encourage them to stay hydrated is essential.


Luciana Oliveira from On Your Journey spoke to us about this: “One of the most important things to remember in hot weather or in a hot country is to stay hydrated, this is especially important for children. Drinking room temperature water is actually better than ice cold water, take sips throughout the day rather than gulping down a big glass of cold water, and you will stay hydrated more effectively.”


Spend time in the water


Swimming in a pool or the sea can be a favourite holiday activity for many, but it can also be a great way to cool down on a hot day. If you’re on an all-inclusive holiday, be sure to make the most of the resort pool or, for those who are near a beach, make sure to hop in the sea whenever possible.


Anna Marikar from In The Playroom has this suggestion, telling us: “Keep kids cool in a playful way by including plenty of water play. In hot weather, most of us want to jump straight into the pool, but you can also set up a tray of water for little ones to play in the shade, or if you’re busy away from the pool fill a little spray bottle of water so you can use it to cool the kids down on the go.”


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Utilise cooling products


There are plenty of cooling products on the market which can help you to keep the heat away whilst on holiday, and by packing these before your trip you can know you’ll have them to hand when they are needed. From a cooling facial spray to a handheld fan, there is plenty that can help you stay cool wherever you are.


Jenni from Chilling with Lucas suggests cooling towels: “It’s a piece of ‘special’ thin fabric that you wet, and then shake, it goes very cold and stays that way for several hours. They are reusable, so eco-friendly and no power is required. They can be placed on the body, around their shoulders etc. We drape one over each of the children when they are relaxing.”


Make cold water bottles for bedtime


Sleeping in hot countries can be hard for those who are used to cooler nights. As temperatures stay high throughout the evening and night, it can be hard for little ones to nod off. One great tip is to use a hot water bottle as a cold-water bottle instead to help keep body temperatures down.


Gemma from Family on the Go explains: “Stick water in the freezer until just before it freezes. Then just before bedtime fill a hot water bottle with the cold water to give to the kids in bed. You may want to wrap it in a tea towel or pillowcase if too cold. Don’t freeze the hot water bottle itself as I can affect the rubber.”


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Get your sightseeing done in the morning


It can be hard to ensure you’re out of the sun all day if you’re on holiday in a hot country, but it can be beneficial to schedule the most strenuous sightseeing activities for the morning before the sun reaches its peak and temperatures spike. It might mean you need to get out of bed a little earlier than planned (let’s be honest, kids usually do anyway!) but it’ll mean you can avoid the hottest parts of the day. Whether you’ve got a hike planned or want to spend time exploring a city centre, planning these activities in the cooler parts of the day will mean you don’t need to worry too much about being out in the hottest temperatures.


How to keep kids cool in a hot country


  • Ensure they stay hydrated
  • Get your sightseeing done in the morning
  • Utilise cooling products
  • Make cold water bottles for bedtime
  • Spend time in the water


With these tips, there will be no need to worry about the hotter temperatures and you can simply unwind and enjoy your family summer holiday. Whether you need Manchester to Lahore flights to enjoy a trip to beautiful Pakistan or fancy a holiday in Dubai, we can help make your travel dreams a reality.


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