Morocco’s unparallel cultural and traditional allures entice many a holiday makers to book flights to Morocco. There is much to experience in this charming country. Taking care of few things and factors will undoubtedly augment the experience for tourists.

Morocco is a starling tourist destination that is renowned for its incredible cultural vibrancy. Morocco may be just a short flight away from the European continent but culturally the country is much further!

The eclectic radiance of the mesmerising Morocco appeals to millions and this is the reason a lot of tourists who prefer an experience out of the ordinary are enchanted to book flights to Morocco. A number of budget airlines offer indirect flights from London to Morocco (Spain is the popular stopover), so cheap flights to Morocco is really no issue for tourists.

Once there, tourists can feel themselves drowning in the whirlpool of enigmatic brilliance and attractive contrasts. Most tourists are left gobsmacked by the charming diversity of this country – be it natural or man made! There is no doubt that this ‘in your face’ diversity is the biggest beguiling facet of holidays in Morocco.

Top Morocco Attractions

Travellers who wish to get themselves acquainted with the different splendours of this romantic and mysterious place would do well to book flights to Morocco and include the following in their travel itineraries.


Volubilis was one of the Roman Empires’ most remote yet highly strategic posts in the area. Currently, the region boasts the largest and best preserved Roman ruins in the country. It’s most imposing monuments are the triumphal arc, Roman baths and the basilica – each of them was built in the second and third centuries A.D. The wonderful mosaics also captivate tourists who visit the site.

Djemaa el-Fna

Djemaa el-Fna (Square of the Dead) is an incredibly vivacious tourist hotspot that attracts heaps of crowds. The name not withstanding, the square bursts with revelries, gaiety, and seems like a lively exhibition of performing artists where the likes of snake charmers and street musicians vie for attention. Djemaa el-Fna is also the place to check out some delicious local cuisines. Everything is sold and bought at the Square of the Dead. So, be prepared to witness some of the most unique things!

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is one of the most riveting sights in Morocco or rather the entire Muslim world. Considered one of the biggest religious monuments in Islam, Hassan II Mosque is open to the non-Muslims and this adds to its appeal among the visiting tourists.

Dar Si Said Museum

Dar Si Saïd Museum is another glittering attraction that tempts holiday makers and especially those who are fascinated by the region’s charismatic heritage. Dar Si Saïd Museum is housed in a palace on Riad Ezzitoun El Jedid and it features arts and artefacts pertaining to the life and culture of the Berber people. Exhibits that reflect upon the routine life of people in the Sahara Desert are also displayed in the museum.

The Museum of Marrakech

Omar Benjelloun Foundation restored the Dar Menebhi Palace into a museum in 1997. A highly popular tourist spot, Museum of Marrakech speaks of the modern as well as traditional Moroccan art. A captivating compilation of historical books and coins is another highlight of the museum that beckons tourists.

Mohamed V Mausoleum

Mohamed V Mausoleum remains one of Morocco’s most highly frequented tourist attraction. An architectural masterpiece, Mohamed V Mausoleum is the final resting place of King Mohamed V and few other royalties. It surely won’t be wrong to state that that Mohamed V Mausoleum is one of the biggest temptations that entice the cultural and historical buffs to start looking around for cheap air tickets on flights to Morocco.

Best time to visit Morocco

Moroccan summers are extremely hot and its winters can be equally chilly. The country’s geographic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa greatly influence its climatic conditions. The period between October and May is recommended to experience the various marvels of this majestic country. However, travelling during September-October can be a risky prospect as most shops and some tourist sites are shut down owing to the holy month of Ramadan. April and May is another period when tourists can contemplate booking cheap flights to Morocco as the temperature is relatively mild.

Morocco Travel Tips

Holidays to Morocco will be much more satisfying and enjoyable if a tourist is prepared for the things to come.

Morocco is an Islamic country and it is highly advisable to respect their customs and restrictions.

Crime is uncommon in Morocco but there have been regular reports of tourist getting harassed by guides or conmen. It is best to avoid travelling at night, and to take proper care of valuables. Do not flaunt jewellery or cash.

Sun is always strong in this part of the world. Travellers are suggested to drink frequently and avoid outdoor activities on particularly hot days.

Be careful of overt displays of public affection as Morocco is a conservative country and may not find it right.

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