Taking a break overseas does not mean having a trip that will have a negative impact on the environment or local people.

Taking a trip to a foreign country could help boost the economy of the local region and even help the environment.

While there is the perception that taking a trip abroad could have a negative impact on the local region or the natural habitat, by conducting some research before taking your trip the opposite could well be true.

Alex Lyons, Responsible Tourism Awards manager at responsibletravel.com, explained it could be important to find places that will benefit the most from the tourism investment.

“Be adventurous and curious – find out about the people and the culture of the destination by asking questions. Visit local places to eat, go on locally-operated tours [and] use public transport,” Mr Lyons added.

With many areas of the world relying heavily on tourism to make money and support local jobs, he explained that taking long-haul flights should not be viewed as a bad thing.

Conservation projects in South Africa are among those that benefit from tourism, as the safaris help to fund the running of wildlife reserves that protect endangered species.

Written by Alex Cochrane

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