A rising number of holidaymakers are using advice posted online by fellow travellers to determine their next trip, according to an expert.

People who are planning a holiday abroad are turning to the  web to read reviews from fellow travellers before they make a decision, according to an expert.

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer, founder of thecareerbreaksite.com, commented that online advice offers a number of benefits beyond printed travel brochures.

The main advantage, she noted, is that information online can be updated immediately, meaning that those headed to adventure travel destinations can get up-to-the minute visa information and official travel advice.

She added that review sites are becoming popular places for holidaymakers to seek out things to do and places to eat, as well as hotels and the destinations themselves.

“As our travel horizons broaden, and we have more choices about where to go and what to do than ever before, it becomes harder to find someone you know personally to ask for advice,” Ms Morgan-Trimmer said.

An estimated 50 per cent of middle-aged travellers write holiday reviews, according to a new survey released this month by Total Media.

The Social Travel Report also found that 25 per cent of UK holidaymakers use online reviews to help determine their travel plans.

Written by Anthony Nicholson

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