Grab Tickets to India for Atmospheric Home Stays


Grab tickets to India for atmospheric Home Stays


Visiting India can be so much more than admiring the architecture or looking at monuments. Visiting the major sights and attractions can be exciting and is definitely worthwhile, but to really experience a country, you want to get to know its people and that’s why a home stay can be such an inspiring and enjoyable part of visiting south India.


A home stay holiday means that instead of accommodation being impersonal or even sterile hotels, you stay in local homes with all the ambience and warmth of staying with friends. When your accommodation is a home stay, you get to see and experience all kinds of unique places that you would never see otherwise. Some home stays are like B&Bs, where the owners have a large home and have equipped parts of it to welcome visitors. This means that when you stay there, you can chat to the owners about life in the region and benefit from all the homely comforts that they have assembled around them.


Some home stays offer more privacy, sometimes in the form of charming cottages in sculpted grounds where you have all the comfort of a hotel but with a welcoming and personal atmosphere that gives you special insight into the way people live.



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Kerala is an enduringly popular destination in India and easily accessible if you fly into Cochin. Try a home stay on a coffee plantation in lush Wayanad, where you will be surrounded by beauty at every turn. The cuisine in this part of India is delicious and of course, at a home stay, you can experience tempting home-cooked meals that make the most of fresh local ingredients. The coffee will be great too, and Wayanad is also a region that nurtures excellent pepper. With lakes for boating and trails for walking, there is plenty to do Wayanad and a home stay is a perfect way to experience all of it.


Goa is famous for its beaches, and a tranquil home stay is another way to experience this delightful region and its history. Choose a home stay with rustic charm, perhaps nestling by a waterway in among lush trees and see another side of Goa. Depending on where you stay, your meals can be prepared to your specifications and vegans and vegetarians can easily be accommodated. Goa has its own airport and is easily reached by a short flight from Mumbai. Or, if you want to see more of the landscape, then you can take the train from one of Mumbai’s terminals.


When thinking about flights to India, there are a number of major cities you can fly into, from Mumbai, to Delhi or Bengalaru. The great thing about a country the size of India is the sheer degree of choice. Choosing your flights to India will depend, however, on which region you are interested in visiting and how much time you have. If you are travelling in south India, then you might want to consider flying into Mumbai or Bengaluru as they are both southern Indian cities with excellent transport connections.


Experts in booking and sourcing tickets to India


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