Travellers with extra needs may find booking cheap flights in advance helps ensure they have a stress-free holiday

Disabled holidaymakers who may need specific room types or facilities while on holiday could find that booking at the last moment leaves them unable to find the things they need – but by booking early, they could also take advantage of some of the best deals on cheap flights.Holiday group Tourism for All said that tourists who are disabled or elderly may find that late booking deals do not offer the facilities they may require, such as ground floor rooms. Therefore, booking way ahead of holiday time might be the best option for these holidaymakers and this may also be better for getting hold of bargain price flights.

Should people require specific facilities on a break, research before jetting off is essential, said group spokesman Brian Seaman.

Some holiday firms even have staff specially trained to go out and check that the hotels they endorse offer disabled friendly facilities, he said, so it is worth doing some research into which brands are disabled conscious.

A Guardian survey recently showed that despite the threat of a double dip recession, almost 37 per cent of people are planning on taking a last-minute holiday this summer.

Written by Anthony Nicholson

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