Maldives Holidays promise perennial bliss; albeit at a higher price for flights and accommodation. The article discusses how, those on a relatively lower budget, can plan a holiday to the Maldives and weave indelible memories at the world’s most stunning destination.


For a destination which is gorgeously adorned with pristine beaches, turquoise waters and proliferating marine wonders, Maldives surely poses as a sought-after destination in a traveller’s wish-list. However, being essentially a high end luxury holiday destinations, it is thronged primarily by travellers who are not restrained by a budget. The destination seemingly lacks an abundance of affordable alternatives thereby making budget holidaymakers think twice before booking flights for holidays to Maldives. While some get baffled at the prices of flights to Maldives, others are perplexed at the sky-rocketing prices of the island resorts and transfers. With all these worries vexing a potential tourist, buying air tickets to Maldives often becomes a cumbersome ordeal.

The good news is that a Maldives holiday can be planned without splurging and overdrawing one’s bank account. Here are some tips for those who wish to purchase tickets for a glorious holiday in Maldives without burning a hole in their pockets.

Savings on flights to Maldives: Maldives is a long haul destination and as a rule holidays to long haul destinations are more expensive, mainly due to the spend on flight tickets. As a result, holidaymakers are left with less money to spend at the destination. But there are ways to reduce the cost of flights to Maldives.

Plan and Book in Advance: Ticket prices rise with the departure date drawing closer. It is sensible to book flights to Maldives way in advance; not weeks but months in advance.

Prefer multi-stop flights: Experts suggest that booking tickets for connecting flights can save some money. Budget holidaymakers to Maldives are likely to save on their holiday spend by booking connecting flights; better still, multi stop flights with less premium airlines. However, travellers must heed the entry requirements for the stopover destinations.

Low Cost Airines: Booking tickets with low cost carriers is a sure fire way to save money. Many popular UK airports are well connected with rest of the Europe and some parts of Mid East with a network of many low cost carriers. However, there are no long haul low cost carriers connecting UK with such farther destinations as the Maldives. A multi-stop itinerary with departure from UK aboard LCCs flying via European, Middle East and Indian destinations to Maldives is nonetheless possible. Ryanair, easyjet, Flybe, FlyDubai, Air Arabia, Air India Express, SpiceJet etc are some of the LCCs from Europe, Middle East and the Indian Sub Continent. Note that the baggage allowance may be limited aboard flights with LCCs.

Smaller Departure Airports: Smaller UK airports may have lower taxes and fees, and booking tickets for departure from these may save a bit of your travel money.

When and Where to Go: While Maldives is considered a year round destination, there are seasons which feature relatively cheaper prices for hotel and resorts. South West and North East monsoon in Maldives determine the underwater visibility which alternates between East and West side of Atolls. A careful research also allows tourists to identify the less touristy seasons when there are abundant deals and offers rolled out by the hotel, resorts as well as airlines and travel agents. Holidays during shoulder season (period between off and low season) is often preferred by many who want to save money but do not want to compromise completely on the essential draws of the destination.


Savings on Accommodation: Careful booking of accommodation in the Maldives makes significant savings. Maldives features a vast array of fine accommodation choices; usually one resort on each tourist island. Factors like type of accommodation (water villa, beach bungalow, pool or garden view rooms), board basis, type and quality of water sports, popularity of the resort’s coral reefs and marine life inhabiting it, as well as the proximity to some of the renowned reefs and dive sites are important factors that determine the cost of stay in Maldives. Quite obviously, selecting resorts with ‘best’ of these choices will push the holiday cost through the roof. Hence, budget travellers booking tickets for holidays in Maldives would do well to settle for ‘fairly good’ and ‘average’ when it comes to choices.

Choice of Location: Considering you are not travelling on a shoe string budget, there are a number of islands that feature resorts which are cheaper than the ‘best’ of Maldives’ high end resorts. Though, these usually rank a few notches down in terms of above parameters; perhaps quality of accommodation and services and facilities offered too. But staying here would mean you do not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time do not miss on the quintessential charm of Maldives – staying at an Island resort!

Local Island Accommodation: Guesthouses and home-stays on some local islands inhabited by the natives come for a fraction of the money spent on a resort. However, mind the downgraded levels of comfort and luxury, limitations, local customs and Islamic conventions on local islands. Swimsuits or revealing clothes, particularly for women, are not allowed; you may not have access to the best of beaches, calm and secluded stretches, quality snorkelling and dive sites as well as the equipments, PADI certified diving instructors, etc. However, the benefit of staying here is that you may get to explore Maldives’ true flavour, culture, cuisine, customs and traditions (if that is what you have on your to-do list).

Transfers: The resorts on the tourist islands offer transfers to and from airport, between islands, and to various dive sites in sea planes and speed boats which are quite expensive. Options are limited and these are unavoidable if you stay at a resort and want to hop around. However, you may save on the exorbitant charges for tours and transfers by staying at local islands which facilitate transfers by small and slow speed vessels (dhonis etc).

With the increasing number of budget holidaymakers as well as backpackers looking to explore Maldives, the tourism scene is gradually changing for the better. Many globetrotters of the modern times believe that with the passage of time and the developments that come along with it, Maldives will soon be able to accommodate all kinds of travellers with equal splendour and ease.

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