A lot is said and written about a hotel’s responsibility towards its guests, it’s time we reverse the tide and talk about the basic courtesy that guests need to show towards hotels and the staff employed.

Hotel Reservations

Make your hotel reservation in advance, especially if you are insistent on staying only at a particular hotel. Don’t wait till the last moment to book your preferred hotel and then insist that hotel accepts your booking due to your loyalty to it. This undue request guests often puts pressure on hotels to refute without hurting the sentiments of guests and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of guests as well.


Room Etiquettes for Guests

The reasonable expectation that a hotel has from its guests is that they will leave everything in the room as they found it. If you find something broken or accidentally break something, don’t wait till you check out and inform the hotel right away. Be a good hotel neighbour and keep the noise down. If you are being disturbed by the loud noise yourself, rather than engaging with the other guests yourself, let the hotel settle the matter. Don’t take reusable items with you when you leave. While taking consumables such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotions might be okay, taking bathrobes, towels, dishes, glasses, mugs, and coffee pots is impolite.

Dealing with the Housekeeping

The housekeeping is, unfortunately, often the most mistreated unit of the hotel and to work towards changing the fact; you must be polite and respectful to people serving you in your room. Don’t delay their work by making unnecessary demands on their time. Try to leave the room when the cleaning staff arrives. Try and throw all disposable items in the dustbin and leave all dirty towels in a corner in a room for them to collect easily. Do not engage in personal conversations that might get awkward.

Usage of Common Areas

Don’t be excessively loud while using common areas for the convenience of other guests staying the hotel. As the noises echo in alleyways, be mindful not to shout and let your children make loud noises. Refrain from closing elevator doors in the face of other guests. Always wait in line to get inside the elevator and wait for everyone else to get inside before you press the button. Be careful around the pool area, spas and the gymnasium and follow the rules that are applicable during your visit, including adherence to the timings.

At the Time of Checking Out

It is wise to call the front desk before you check out so that they may guide you on the necessary steps. Check for your belongings thoroughly before leaving. Give porter enough notice to have him arrive by the time you want to leave your room. Check your bill carefully and if a discrepancy arises, settle it politely. Don’t forget to tip the parking valet, porter, concierge and other members of the hotel staff who might have helped you during your stay.

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