Green slide at the Aquaventure Water Park, Dubai


Are you planning a summer holiday for the family in Dubai and want to know what’s on offer? Dubai is known for being an opulent metropolis, but few people are aware of just how many amazing attractions the city has to offer. If you are looking at last-minute holidays to Dubai and want to ensure there will be enough for your little ones to do whilst you’re there, then you’ll be happy to find there is plenty on offer.


What to wear to a water park in Dubai?


Many people might think of Dubai as a modest city due to its largely Muslim population, and therefore worry about dressing in a way that keeps you cool in the heat whilst also being modest and following local expectations. However, you needn’t worry. As Dubai is such a popular holiday destination for people from across the world, attractions and resorts don’t keep strict dress codes.


When visiting a water park in Dubai, the dress code will be as expected: respectable bikinis, swimming costumes and shorts. You should steer away from anything that’s transparent or might be deemed indecent. You should also have comfortable clothes for when you aren’t in the water, such as shorts and a light t-shirt and of course, comfortable shoes.


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When is the best time to visit a water park in Dubai?


If you are looking to beat the crowds and have the park to yourself, timing your trip might be in your best interest. The working days in Dubai are different than in western countries, with Friday and Saturday acting as the weekend, and so these days tend to be busier. If you want the best shot at enjoying a water park without large crowds, your best option is to go between Sunday and Thursday in the morning. Remember though, these parks are attractions made for people to visit and so, even on the busier days, you shouldn’t feel crowded.


Daughters dragging father by legs who is laying on floor smiling to Legoland, Dubai


What are the best water parks in Dubai?


  • Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park
  • Wild Wadi Water Park
  • Legoland Water Park
  • Laguna Waterpark


Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park


Part of Atlantis, The Palm’s grand offering, Aquaventure is the world’s largest water park! With over 105 water slides and experiences, you’ll be able to spend a few days here and still not feel as though you’ve had enough time.


In their review, Global Mouse Travels highlights the array of experiences on offer: “The whole park is given over to a wonderful array of lazy rivers, rushing rapids, beaches, areas designated for younger children, or attractions for thrill seekers – there’s so much here to enjoy that although the park attracts hundreds of visitors every day there’s still lots of space for you to feel like you can simply relax and enjoy the hours of fun ahead.”


One of the rides to make sure you hit are the Leap of Faith, where you plunge from nine-storeys high through a shark-filled lagoon. For a group ride, get on the Odyssey of Terror, the world’s tallest waterslide, and as a group feel yourself being pulled down and freefalling. You can even try your hand at cliff jumping at Immortal Falls which lets you jump from a range of platforms into the pool below.


As well as amazing rides, you can enjoy The Lost Chambers Aquarium and South African fur seals!


Wild Wadi Water Park


Located next to the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel is Wild Wadi Water Park by Jumeirah. With 30 rides and attractions suitable for everyone from toddlers to grown-ups, it’s the perfect family day out. All of the attractions here and the whole park centres around the tale of Juha, a popular Arabian folklore, so the park itself has a great theme throughout.


When it comes to rides, Jumeirah Sceirah is one of the favourites with speeds up to 50 miles per hour! For something more relaxing, Juha’s Journey is a 360-metre-long lazy river great for young and old and you can weave around on single or double-seater tubes.


Wild Wadi was suggested by Sally from Who’s the Mummy, who told us: “If you have younger children, I love the Wild Wadi Waterpark, it’s got plenty of things for younger or more timid children to do, and even better it’s included if you’re staying at one of the Jumeirah hotels. We loved being able to pop in and out at different times of day and found it really low stress.”


Legoland Water Park


If you’re looking for a water park specifically designed for kids, then Legoland is the answer. Created for children from 2 – 12 and their families, here you can ensure your little ones have the best time ever and aren’t faced with a large selection of monolithic waterslides they just aren’t ready for.


Build a boat from LEGO bricks and sail test it or even customise your own raft to ride down the lazy river. Jump around in the wave pool and enjoy the feeling of being lifted by the water or race your family down the range of amazing slides. There is plenty to do, and although designed for children, it’s fun for all the family.


Laguna Waterpark


Finally, we couldn’t finish this article without mentioning the popular Laguna Waterpark. A fun-filled paradise split into distinctive zones so it’s easy to coordinate your day, enjoy surfing, thrilling slides, great water activities and relaxing areas where you can unwind in the sun.


Although smaller than some of the other waterparks in Dubai, Laguna is great for a family who want a day out and some fun without feeling overwhelmed by choice. It may be more modest in size, but you can still enjoy slides, a lazy river, one of the world’s largest boarding experiences and a splash zone.


Blogger Travel Mad Mum had this to say: “You can feel the newness of the place, everything is so clean and perfect. The slides are another level of awesome, probably more so for older kids and adults.”


Whether you want to get out of the heat with some swimming for a few hours or are looking for exciting ways to spend a day on a family holiday to Dubai, the selection of water parks here is unrivalled and there is something perfect for every group.


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