People travel for many reasons – to meet family or friends, for pleasure, for business, or to experience something new. No matter why you choose to travel, travelling does involve some amount of uncertainty and challenge. Travel apps for mobile can come in handy and help travellers breathe easy during challenging situations anywhere anytime.   

Some of the best travel apps are listed below to make your vacations or business trips more fun, hassle free and easier.

  1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an international travel website providing reviews and opinions on travel related topics such as hotels, restaurants, activities and attractions of various destinations. It also runs many interactive forums. The app is available for free. Since the content is mainly written by users, travellers get most practical information on any travel issue. The app helps tourists locate great options for food and activities anywhere in the world.

  1. Uber

Uber is an online transportation network company that provides transportation to people in many countries. The best thing about Uber app is that, apart from being free for download, it makes cabs available to travellers at the click of a button. The app will make you feel safer as taking local taxi/cab rides in new destinations can be intimidating for some travellers. Plus, Uber charges are generally very reasonable.

  1. XE Currency

Another freely available app, XE Currency app is an excellent currency converter. The converter does not need a continuous data connection and can display results for multiple currencies. Easy to use, the app has a user-friendly interface with many features that will come in handy on international trips.

  1. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app is very useful for adventure travellers, who will get to know the latest updates on the weather patterns and severe weather alerts of regions new to them. The app displays global weather forecasts with current, hourly and 10-day forecasts.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

The instant messaging app WhatsApp has found its way into this list since it is one of the few instant messaging apps that have achieved a true global status. Travellers can use it to communicate with friends and family at no cost. Just a Wi-Fi connection (of your hotel) and you are good to go. Also, it is free to download.

  1. Gogobot

Gogobot is one of the best apps for travellers to find different dining options, hotels or interesting activities at any location in the world. Gogobot is a free travel app that will help travellers to know about their genuine options without falling into a tourist trap in a new country.

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