Bahrain is a remarkable country made out of 33 islands in the Gulf. With a name meaning ‘Two Seas’, Bahrain entices millions of travellers seeking a place to meditate and relax. Every attraction in this marvellous country reveals a unique fact about the country’s social, cultural and religious lifestyle. Thus, swarms of travellers book advance cheap flights tickets to Bahrain to peep into the hidden treasures of the mystic East.

The outstanding traditional Arabian hospitality of the locals here assails the senses of travellers booking flights to Bahrain. Bahrain flaunts a unique fusion of eastern and western cultures and is home to many astonishing skyscrapers, contemporary developments, customary structures and antique historical buildings.

Important Statistics

  • Location – Middle East
  • Time Zone – AST (UTC+3)
  • Capital – Manama
  • Largest City – Manama
  • Government – Constitutional Monarchy
  • Area – 750 km2
  • Population – 1.234 million (2010)
  • Currency – Bahraini Dinar (BHD)
  • Calling Code – 973
  • Official Language(s) – Arabic
  • Visa information – For information about obtaining a visa for Bahrain, one can visit the FCO website at or contact the relevant authorities.
  • Religion – Islam

Top Tourist Spots in Bahrain

No matter for what reason one books flights to Bahrain, one can never overlook the fascinating tourist attractions in the country. Bahrain brims with tremendous attractions that mirror the rich Arabic culture and symbolize the role of religion in the life of the locals. From splendid mosques to grand museums, from flourishing gardens to sky touching edifices, the beauty of the country is authentic and makes travellers crave for cheap flights to Bahrain.

  • Bahrain National Museum
  • Qal’at Al Bahrain
  • Pearl Monument
  • Al Fateh Mosque
  • Bahrain Grand Prix

Shopping Attractions in Bahrain

Travellers booking tickets on flights to Bahrain may find a wide range of shopping attractions dotted all over the country including contemporary mall, dazzling traditional markets, central markets, etc. Though every shopping hub in the country is unique in its own way, yet they all exhibit the traces of the glorious Arabic culture and lifestyle. Travellers on holidays to Bahrain never miss a chance to explore the various shopping spots in the country and surely buy some souvenirs to take back home.

  • Bahrain Mall
  • Seef Mall
  • Bahrain Duty Free Shopping Complex
  • Sitra Mall
  • Manama Souq

Eating Out in Bahrain

The wide range of eminent dining options in the country charms hordes of travellers to plan holidays to Bahrain. The country leaves no loose ends in making the travellers feel important and offer lip-smacking cuisines that tantalise the taste buds of all. The traditional dishes like Machbous, Muchammar, Baba ghanoush and Sambousa always top the menu list of all the restaurants and make travellers fall for gluttony. Most popular eating joints in the country include:

  • Ken Lo’s Memories of China
  • Mezzaluna
  • Nirvana
  • Oliveto
  • Mirai

Hotels in Bahrain

Bahrain offers a plentiful accommodation options ranging from lavish intercontinental hotels to cheap family-run hotels. However, not all the hotels in the country are fit for families or solo-women travellers who must consider the safety aspect while choosing budget hotels. Travellers must check all the ins and outs of the hotel before deciding their stay. Some popular hotels in Bahrain are:

  • Metropolitan Manama
  • Ramee Suites 2
  • Sea Diamond Plaza Apartments
  • Windsor Tower Bahrain
  • Grand Hotel Bahrain

Airports in Bahrain

Bahrain International Airport is the most prominent airport in Bahrain situated at a distance of about 7 km northeast of the capital Manama. The airport caters numerous domestic and international flights including Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Bahrain Air, Oman Air, British Airways, and many others. With great infrastructure and services, the Bahrain International Airport won the award of the Best Airport in the Middle East at the Skytrax 2010 World Airport Awards.

Popular Airlines to Bahrain

  • Qatar Airways,
  • Oman Air,
  • Emirates,
  • British Airways,
  • Gulf Air

Getting Around in Bahrain

Taxi is the best mode of transportation to travel in Bahrain. All the taxis in the country are metered and thus offer cheap and comfortable tour to the travellers. Moreover, for the budget-oriented holidaymakers, tourist bus ride is an ideal option to hop on as it is not only low-priced but also takes the riders to all the prominent attractions in the country.

Health and Safety Precautions

  • Though Bahrain is a safe country in terms of health issues, still travellers must get themselves vaccinated against diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis B.
  • Travellers booking air tickets to Bahrain must stay alert for their security arrangements. They should avoid any sort of public gathering or parties, as sometimes they turn violent.
  • Moreover, Bahrain has a zero-tolerance policy to incidents like drunk driving. Therefore, travellers on holidays to Bahrain must not indulge in any such activities and should avoid getting into any sort of road rage or brawls.

Best Time to Visit Bahrain

The best time to visit Bahrain is between the months of February and April and between October and December. During these months, the weather stays pleasurable without being oppressive and is ideal to enjoy all the outdoor activities. Travellers must avoid planning holidays to Bahrain in the mid-summer months as during this time of the year, whole of the Bahrain remains soaked in the celebrations of Ramadan and most of the pleasure hubs like eating joints, bars, night clubs and market places remain closed.

Culture and Lifestyle

For the locals of Bahrain, culture and religion is as important as food for survival. Most of the population in the country follows Islam which impacts everything from eating habits to clothing and from social way of conduct to local customs. However, in the past few years the country has shown a rapid growth in terms of economy and urbanization yet one can still witness the purity and sincerity of the Islamic culture in all the facets of Bahrain. As modesty is an inherent part of the Islamic culture, the women folk of Bahrain are mostly seen in covered clothes and do not flaunt their skin in public. Being a multicultural land, Bahrain respects every religion equally and thus plays a vital role in strengthening the bond among the locals.

Social Conventions

The natives of Bahrain are relatively more liberal when compared to some other Arabic destinations in the region. While local customs and beliefs are valued, certain tolerance towards the western influence is visible, especially towards clothing, to a certain extent.

Women in Bahrain should dress such that the knees and shoulders remain covered. More casual clothing is acceptable while inside the hotel.

At business and social gatherings, Bahrainis have a custom of serving traditional coffee as a welcome drink, refusing which is considered as impolite.

Bahrainis never use their left hand for passing or receiving items and point their soles at anyone. These are deemed as disrespectful actions.

Moreover, travellers on holidays to Bahrain must not click photographs of the locals without their permission as it may lead them into serious troubles.

Money Exchange

Travellers may procure foreign exchange from any major bank or international airport of Bahrain.

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